• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Bluetooth implementation leaves a LOT to be desired

    • Written by from Denver

    For wrist stress reasons, I have both an Apple Trackpad and a Vertical Mouse 4 sitting on either side of my MacBook Pro at work. They both connect via Bluetooth, but while the trackpad is always connected and ready to work, the VM4 is usually disconnected and frustrating. Sometimes it will reconnect after moving it around and/or clicking buttons. But other times I have to set it up again in the Bluetooth control panel.

    Apparently they only use one battery for weight reasons, and so they aggressively turn off the Bluetooth radio to save battery. I would *much* rather run the battery down faster and have the mouse stay more reliably connected. I have an Apple battery charger, so swapping batteries is no big deal.

    Think twice before ordering this mouse. The Bluetooth disconnects will drive you nuts. Evoluent has wired USB mice on their own website that work perfectly with a Mac. I have one of them at home, and it's great. I wish I had gotten that version at work too.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great design, horrible blue tooth connection

    • Written by from Cardiff by the Sea

    I would give it 5 stars if I did not loose the connection after just 2-3 minutes of inactivity (not 8 as the manufacturer says)). It then takes up to one whole minute to reconnect. Sometimes it does not reconnect for hours and all of sudden starts working again. You never know if it is because the battery is dead because the light that is supposed to be blinking when battery is low never blinks. Also sometimes the mouse is connected but the right click function does not work whereas the other functions work. I contacted the manufacturer's help desk once and they were not very helpful. This is a very expensive mouse and I was expecting so much better....

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Ergonomics, Terrible Bluetooth Support

    • Written by from Livermore

    I have three of the Evoluent Vertical Mice. The ergonomics are fantastic. They are the only mice I will use. I have one with a USB chord, one with a USB wireless plug and the one advertised here. I was really excited when Apple offered this one since it would use the built-in Bluetooth on my rMBP and I could reclaim the USB port that was being used when either of the other mice were connected. As another reviewer mentioned, the Bluetooth support is terrible. I have issues with connecting, waking from sleep, jittery mouse movement, etc. None of these issues plague the other two variety of Evoluent mouse. I am back to using the one with the USB wireless plug for now. I really hope Evoluent can fix/improve the bluetooth support.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    battery time is too short comparing to dell bt mouse...

    • Written by from Redondo Beach

    * ergonomic

    * battery time is too short comparing to dell bt mouse (~2 days)
    * cheep look and feel
    * no left hand bt model

    I'm using ubuntu 14.04.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Pointer frustratingly sluggish/delayed

    • Written by from Beaverton

    This mouse has an amazing design that has relieved wrist pain from overusing the MacBook Pro's touchpad (I work full-time on the computer). The hand position is comfortable and having extra programmable buttons really cuts down on extra movement between the mouse and keyboard.
    HOWEVER, the pointer often gets sluggish/delayed, and when it does it becomes nearly impossible to point the pointer where I want to. To fix it, I have to turn the mouse off and on, but even that works for only a minute or two. This problem emerged about a month or so after buying the mouse.

    This would be a killer mouse if only this problem were fixed.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Does not adhere to current Apple standards

    • Written by from NOVELTY

    Thanks to Apple's poor design of their sleek aluminum keyboards and mice, I'm beginning to develop carpel tunnel. I purchased this mouse to begin to alleviate my pain.

    Initially I was very pleased with the comfort of this mouse. The vertical design keeps the hand in its proper alignment and does relieve some of the pain I have been experiencing. This is a very big plus and I want to emphasize this. Any ergonomically designed device should keep your hand in a natural angle and this mouse does that.

    My first detraction is unfortunately related to that design and I'm not even sure anything could be done about it. I use a keyboard drawer and placed this mouse on the drawer next to my keyboard where you would expect it. After working an hour or so, I took a break and pushed the drawer in, and that pushed my brand new $100 mouse to the floor! The mouse survived but I'm not sure it's designed for that level of abuse.

    So to prevent that from happening again, I moved it to the desk top. Now I am unnaturally reaching for the mouse and putting the strain on my shoulders and making precision pointing very difficult.

    My second complaint is related to the scroll wheel and Apple's decision to invert the behavior of scrolling in the OS. Ok, that single action took me a while to adjust to it but I did and I like it. But The Evoluent scroll wheel does not respect that behavior and the included driver does not give you the ability to invert that behavior. Now I'm all screwed up..or is it down?

    I'm returning this mouse and going to a track pad.

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