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    Not for Travel

    These outlets are not intended for use in foreign countries where the voltage is different, i.e. 220 volt. That is why the technical specs leave that info out. Their tech support recommends a stepup/stepdown adapter for such use in traveling. Unfortunately, there are many other voltage-ready travel devices you can buy beside this one. It is unclear why this situation exists at Belkin, especially when Apple powerbooks and other devices are power-ready for 220 volt.

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    I love this thing

    It's not possible to live in Florida with anything electronic and not have surge protectors. Most of then are very ugly - this one is not. It's just the right size to plug in my router and rMBP and USB devices. For a tiny charging station, it's perfect and looks as good as anything that holds wires can. I've had it for a few months and it has done its job without issues.

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    worked well for a while

    This worked well for a while than the USB connection to my iPad caused problems with iPad. Specifically "slide to unlock" would not always work and jerky finger touch controls.

    Returned to apple adapter, all fine now.

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    Great for Traveling or Studying in Coffee Shops!!

    This is one of the best accessories that I got for my computer. I love the USB ports. However, this item shows its worth when I travel in airports and when I go to study in coffee shops. Being able to make one socket into three plus two USB ports has been great! People in airports are shocked when I say they can plug their devices into it but they appreciate that they can charge up before getting on the plane. In coffee shops it helps relieve tension when so many people need to charge up their computers but there are only so many outlets.

    If you need something compact and effective, something to easily move with, then this is the product for you!

    I completely forgot! The plug rotates so you can flip it based on what you need to plug in and the position of the plug!

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    Almost perfect

    I've used this for a few years- very useful for charging iPhones via usb port; however, not enough power via usb port for iPad charging. I don't have an iPad so no problem for me. Is especially useful when I do my yearly overseas stint for 4 months and only one adapter is needed to click onto this unit, and then I can charge everything via these plugs. Also works great at airports, or anywhere else where many people are fighting over few power sources- plug this in and it satisfies up to 5 people :) Small and easy to throw into a small bag; useful to be able to change mounting direction as well for difficult-access spots.

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