• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    has some serious problems.

    • Written by from Marysville

    Does not consistently connect via Bluetooth, even immediately after pairing, which has to be done frequently. Perhaps it works better via WiFi, but that's not an option where we have the scale.

    Also, the body fat measurement is little more than a random number generator, it can vary by 10 points or more even when readings are only a minute apart.

    All in all, not worth the money.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Does not do what is has to

    • Written by from Auckland

    Sync doesn't work. Only noticed a week after in the app that there are no data for that week. Very frustrating as what's the point of smart scales then? Air quality and weather forecast features are fun, but.. useless if sync doesn't work.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice idea but lacking execution and hence overpriced

    • Written by from Derby

    I've had my scale for 6 months and has functioned reliably as a scale. Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity periodically drops off for no reason and has to be paired again each time. I agree that neither the scale accuracy nor precision is very tight, and I agree the body mass index reading is worthless. Temperature reading correlates with our programmable thermostat but I have no way of verifying the air quality reading. When it works, it's quite nice for our general, non-exacting personal weight tracking. But the irregular intervals that it drops (works 2 days to 2 weeks) has become quite annoying. Hence, the price has not lived up to the hype.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice idea and graphics but can't weigh consistently

    • Written by from BRIGHTON

    Title says it all. These are a nightmare- the weight they measure can vary by 5kg in 30seconds and also can't differenciate multiple users unless they are vastly different tried wth 3 can only tell 1 apart. Nice interface but if the scale changes by 5kg moving from one tile to another (they're all level). After the effect I've read few reviews and inability to weigh is a Fred so doubt it's one faulty unit

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Definately not problem fee! Think twice!!

    • Written by from BARCELONA

    So far I am VERY disappointed by this expensive (€150) device!

    - The installation of the scale was a lot of work. Didn't work really well, kept loosing connection, reconnect, update, reconnect, pair etc.etc.etc..
    - the pair button on the back of the device does not function properly, so I need to keep trying for several minutes before it al of a sudden post on.
    - manual is useless, because there is hardly anything in it.

    Finally it is set and I start trying to log some steps and weight measurements.
    - Health Mate app is not working. It crashed after having it on for only one day (on my iPhone 5). I was not able to recover the app, only by removing it and reinstalling I t again. Let's see how long it will last....
    - Weight seems to be done ok, but the heart rate is absolute bogus! Please improve this Withings, if it can be improved via software!
    - I like the extra of the air quality! ....but is it correct and is the outcome consistently ok?
    - connecting with Endomondo does not work.
    - despite explicit referral to Apple Health connectivity, connecting with Apple Health does definately NOT work!

    Now I read a lot of comments now about the device breaking down after a few months, which makes me wonder if I should have bought it in the first place?
    I guess I will only try for a few days and bring it back asleep if it does not work properly.
    It cost me €150,- so it should definitely work perfectly for that price!!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Only synced for 3 months

    • Written by from FPO

    Was fantastic the first few months. But after that, it would no longer sync to my iphone through wifi or bluetooth. So disappointing. Now all i have is a very expensive plain ol scale. smh

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great iPhone app and connectivity for inaccurate measures

    • Written by from Bentonville

    Great iPhone application, excellent connectivity through bluetooth and WIFI.

    But the scale is accurate to 0.2 lbs on weight measurement. This means that weighting yourself twice in a row would most likely not lead to the same result.

    The fat measurement is on the other hand completely unusable in my opinion. And this is not just this scale. Most scale are using a technology that is susceptible to several parameters like your level of hydration. In my case, it means that I ended up with a difference of close to a 2 lbs of fat gained for a decrease of a 1 lbs of mass within 24 hours! Simply impossible considering the activity.

    The heartbeat monitoring is working 2 times out of 3 and I can't say if the rain prediction is working. I lives in Seattle, it's always raining anyway!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Unfit to Be Sold by Apple

    • Written by from Berkeley

    I've had my Withings scale for approximately four months. Other than being beautiful, it's proven to be a mediocre product unworthy of being sold by Apple.

    The weight is consistently off by between 1 - 2 lbs. We know this because we use a medical-grade scale at the gym almost daily. The heart rate monitor also is completely inaccurate. I have a resting pulse of 60, yet the scale rates me between 75 and 99 every morning upon rising from bed.

    The real problem, however, is the wireless connection. Invariably, it fails after one full day, requiring a cumbersome reset and re-sync. The batteries are charged, yet the wireless connection fails after working for approximately one day. This began happening after a firmware update and has been this way for almost three months.

    I would not purchase this product knowing what I now know about it.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Only the Weight and Air Quality Measurements are Reliable

    • Written by from Cincinnati

    The heart rate and fat mass measurements are all over the place. I'm a 20's something male with a healthy BMI and on other devices it tells me my resting heart rate is 60-70. This scale 90% of the time tells me my heart rate is 90+ bpm with many of them being 100+bpm.

    The carpet feet are a joke unless you actually have extremely cheap carpeting so be prepared to place it on a hard surface. The only reliable thing about this scale is it's weight and air quality measurements. Overall I would NOT recommend this product. I tried contacting support and they blew me off saying they were aware of the issue but didn't provide any further information. Is it hardware related? Do I need to RMA my unit? It is software related? When is the patch coming. Very disappointing experience for a pricey scale.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Now Worth Money. Flawed.

    • Written by from Mequon

    I've had the Withings Smart Body Analyzer for a few months now, and I would say it's definitely not worth the money and is still not ready for prime time.

    If you stand on the scale three times in a row, you will get three different weights, which makes me question it's accuracy.

    The heart rate measurement only works 1 in 4 times. I would say on average I have to stand on the scale 2-4 times before I get a measurement, and they are all over the place.

    The scale only sends data to their app, so I end up having to manually enter it for the other two apps I use, which really defeats the purpose of having the thing.

    I wouldn't waste your money on this flawed product.

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