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    Doesn't Pass MIDI Correctly....

    What can you say about Apogee. They have high quality stuff and the integration with Apple is awesome as they seem to be partners.

    I can't give it four stars, because it does not work with your expensive keyboard. What I mean is that if you have a Yamaha Motif keyboard, then the USB will not pass through to your device, even though the Yamaha Motif keyboards work with the iOS directly. In order for you to have MIDI and audio at the same time, you will have to purchase another device if you have a VERY POPULAR Yamaha Motif. It is confusing that my Yamaha Motif XF works directly into my iPad and iPhone using the USB MIDI, but the Apogee will not pass the USB.

    4-Stars if they fix this, but as it stands it is a major flaw in the engineering not to completely Pass through the MIDI and let the iOS handle which devices it wants to allow to work via MIDI.

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