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    Perfect iOS/OS Guitar Practice Tool

    • Written by from South Portland

    I love the iRig HD for practicing guitar on my iPhone or MacBook Air using GarageBand. I also record with it on the MacBook Air in GaragaeBand. Unlike the original iRig (30 pin) I get absolutely no feedback using single coil pickups. IK's app Amplitude isn't the best just use GarageBand instead which already comes with a lifetime of Amp and Stomp Box modeling to get any sound you are looking for. If you are just messing around at home or starting out then the iRig series is what you are looking for. Professional musicians will be more interested in Apogee's gear.

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    This iRigHD get rid my old GFX707!

    • Written by from Stony Point

    It worth the money as it can really replace my previous Zoom GFX707 with such a weight at such a price. The noise issue has been obviously solved from it previous edition. I really like the multi-cable design to fit my lightning and 30pin plug iProducts.

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    Warning : Doesn't fit iPad Air with Smart Case

    • Written by from new westminster

    The iRig HD, unlike the older iRig, connects to either the dock connector or the Lightning connector (depending on your model of iPod/iPad).

    I tried the iRig HD with an iPad Air fitted with the Smart Case. This case has a cut-out for the Lightning connector, which isn't big enough to accommodate the iRig's lightning plug, which is noticeably fatter than the Apple charge/sync cable end.

    As anybody with this case knows, it's a tight fit to the iPad and it's not that easy to get in or out of, so it's not something I want to do every time I play with the iRig. Very annoying.

    Anyway, when out of the case, the product sounds good with Garageband, although I found it difficult to set the gain appropriately. A 'noise gate' effect cut off the decay of my guitar notes prematurely unless I turn the gain on full, in which case the red light (indicating gain is too high and I assume clipping is occurring) is on constantly. I am assuming there is an option to adjust the noise gate threshold in Garageband somewhere, so this can be probably tweaked to perfection.

    I haven't played with the Amplitube software yet. There are a bunch of effects that are exclusive to the iRig HD, but they didn't activate for me. I didn't persevere long enough to figure out how to add them, as I am not sure if I'm keeping the product because of the aforementioned issue.

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