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    Warning : Doesn't fit iPad Air with Smart Case

    • Written by from new westminster

    The iRig HD, unlike the older iRig, connects to either the dock connector or the Lightning connector (depending on your model of iPod/iPad).

    I tried the iRig HD with an iPad Air fitted with the Smart Case. This case has a cut-out for the Lightning connector, which isn't big enough to accommodate the iRig's lightning plug, which is noticeably fatter than the Apple charge/sync cable end.

    As anybody with this case knows, it's a tight fit to the iPad and it's not that easy to get in or out of, so it's not something I want to do every time I play with the iRig. Very annoying.

    Anyway, when out of the case, the product sounds good with Garageband, although I found it difficult to set the gain appropriately. A 'noise gate' effect cut off the decay of my guitar notes prematurely unless I turn the gain on full, in which case the red light (indicating gain is too high and I assume clipping is occurring) is on constantly. I am assuming there is an option to adjust the noise gate threshold in Garageband somewhere, so this can be probably tweaked to perfection.

    I haven't played with the Amplitube software yet. There are a bunch of effects that are exclusive to the iRig HD, but they didn't activate for me. I didn't persevere long enough to figure out how to add them, as I am not sure if I'm keeping the product because of the aforementioned issue.

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