• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great value, sound and build quality

    • Written by from Saint Johns

    These are some great earphones! First I had some B&W C5's which I absolutely loved however, the build quality on them is questionable and after a while the in-line remote didn't function properly. The volume buttons worked intermittently but the pay/pause button worked as it should have.

    This prompted me to explore other manufactures and stumbled upon RHA which I'm glad that I did. I bought this ma600i model first because of the simplicity even thought I favor the higher specs of the ma750i. I used the ma600i for a week and they sound awesome however, the break-in period is CRUCIAL for these because symbolance is a huge problem with them without break in properly. (what I'm referring to as symbolance is where the higher frequencies distort and somewhat sounds like someone hit a cymbal and just let it ring without dampening the sound in any kind of way).

    Curiosity got the best of me so I returned them to try out the ma750i's and I will honestly say that I like the 600i's better because the fit is a lot better for me since I have smaller ears and the loop that is built in with the 750i is just too big to fit snug around my ear. Secondly the 750i driver size is too big for my ear as well which leads to the stainless steel metal sitting directly on my ear surround which is not very comfortable. Also with the all of the ear tips that the 750i comes with the only ones that work for me are the tips installed from the manufacture. The foam ones with the 750i are too big and are uncomfortable and I enjoyed the double flange from the 600i packaging better but not over the standard medium ear tips.

    The ma600i has a better bass response in my opinion than the 750i but the 750i has a better all around slightly cleaner sound right out of the box so once the break in is complete I believe the 750i will sound a bit better. However, the 600i sounds TEN TIMES BETTER once they are broken in completely and I can't stress that enough!!! At this point I'm going to return the ma750i's and repurchase the ma600i because I love the look of the cable, the 90 degree bend on the jack, and the simplistic design of the driver which again is a much better fit for someone like me with smaller ears and ear canals.

    Oh and if your a biggie on portability I love the size and feel of the 600i carrying case because it can fit in a pocket and doesn't have a large footprint at all plus the case is somewhat hard. The 750i has a much larger case and frankly I can't stand using the case after my experience with the 600i previously.

    Hope this review helps anyone who was in my same situation but I really can say that either model is completely worth the money especially when you consider how much I spent on the B&W's in the first place. I will admit that the B&W C5 sound is more full and has more depth across all frequencies than the RHA's but for the price difference there is no comparison. Can't go wrong with the 3 year warranty either for the RHA.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Headphones at a Great Price

    • Written by from Glasgow

    I bought these as the first set of non-Apple headphones I've used since I bought my first iPhone. I did a lot of investigation as I wanted quality but didn't want to pay a huge premium for it and these are great headphones and totally worth every penny. They have a stylish design, fit very comfortably and work really well with my iPhone using the remote control. A great purchase.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Super value, excellent sound, best under $100 I have heard!!

    • Written by from San Antonio

    There are hundreds of iPhone related headphones on the market. Very, very hard to pick the right one. Let's clarify some things. If you are simply wanting to listen to music and have the $, get the Bowers and Wilkins C5. If you are wanting the best workout headset, get the Bose iPhone units, they are outstanding for biking and treadmill workouts. If you want a set for great quality sound and be an all purpose unit to use everyday, the RHA MA600i is it. Period. Very good sound, very solid built, great warranty (three years), great packaging, great carrying case. If you can ONLY afford ONE headset, get this one.

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