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    A nice step up from the 450i

    • Written by from Flushing

    Last year I had bought the 450i and was very pleased with the sound quality for the price. This year I decided to give the 600i a go seeing as how they use a new driver but also a much better cable than the 450i.

    The 600i feels very solid yet lightweight. The aluminum remote and right angle connector gives the unit a nice sophisticated look and the cable feels quite durable and not tangle prone like the 450i was. This new cable allows the buds to be worn over the ear or straight in very easily and can be easily managed. The remote is well built and nothing feels loose during use.

    The sound quality is very nice, especially those who like to have their music sound lively and with plenty of bass kick without sacrificing much in the mids and treble. Out of the box it can sound a bit heavy handed in the bass department and a bit muffled top end but breaking them in helped solve that issue. Audio purists will have to look elsewhere as these are far from neutral.

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