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    just amazing

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Protection AND Security in One Shot

    I love this screen protector! I can't tell you how many times people thought my phone was off and I was just swiping for no reason. Ha ha ha! You have to be looking at your phone straight on and then everything is crystal clear; however, if you turn your phone to landscape, anybody can see it. That's great for keeping emails, passwords, or sensitive-data pages private, but sharing your screen with others for videos, pictures, etc.. It also protects your screen from scratches. Some have written on their reviews that it shows every fingerprint; well, it does but so does the phone with no protector or with any other protectors I've seen (except the odd textured ones). I just slide the phone/screen over my pants leg or sleeve and it's clean again. A word of warning: take your time putting it on! They're pricey so you don't want to mess it up. I had the store install mine. :-)

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    It is the best thing for your privacy.

    For ex: You are sitting in the train or on the bus and there are many people and they can't see your screen when you are working with your device.

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    Quality Screen Protector!

    I'm very pleased with my recent purchase of this screen protector! Really does its job of shielding your screen for privacy from others in front of you; it looks like the device is off when viewed from the side. The only way to see clearly on the screen is if you're within two inches of the person holding the device and you'll know if someone is really snooping if he or she moves closer to you! I currently have a white iPhone and have had several compliments that it makes my phone appear like the black iPhone and is thick enough to protect against scratches; haven't had one yet! Highly recommend this screen protector over others! Pricey, but well worth it. :-)

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    I purchased this privacy screen protector through the apple store online. Shipped in less time than the site had predicted it would, I am very happy with this product as it works well. It doesn't make the screen completely black however it does protect your privacy by darkening the screen when looking at the phone from the sides. (Making the image on screen very blurry and difficult to see) you can see the backlight of the screen. As another review said it is thicker than other screen protectors which is okay and it does not hinder any functionality of the touch screen whatsoever. If you like to share and watch videos with your friends all you have to do is rotate your phone for widescreen functionality and the screen is fully visible to anyone you wish to share with. Very happy that I bought the 3m privacy screen protector as those pesky friends and coworkers like to read my "private" text messages. Highly recommend this product to anyone looking to keep their messages and activities private and will be purchasing more in the future. :)

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    Not what I expected

    I have a white iphone and did not know that this screen protector was black/grey since I could not take it out of the package at the store. It therefore makes your white phone look more like a black iphone. It also makes the screen tinted darker than it would appear with a clear screen protector on it. It shows every single fingerprint on it so if you're obsessive and like your phone to look clean all the time, do not buy this because you will constantly be trying to wipe it. Also do not buy this if you like to check your phone often without unlocking it because you will only be able to see what's on the screen if you're positioned directly in front of it. Wish I was warned of these things before purchasing it. I will try to return it but not sure if I will be allowed to since it's already used on my phone.

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    Give me my Privacy!

    Love this product! Friends who want to see who or what I am looking get so mad when they can't see over my shoulder, it's great! The only complaint I have is over time (I have had this on my phone since Dec 2013) It gets scratched easily and the coating kind of wares away, however it doesn't affect the privacy technology. It's still good, and I don't have a single crack = TOUGH! Really Worth it! You won't be sorry!

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    Does it's job, but too thick & sensitivity issues

    This screen protector is great and does it job very well. I have no problem with what it's purpose is for, however there are a few problems I have with it.

    For starters, the thickness is just way too much! The thickness of the screen protector affects the sensitivity of the touch screen. I've noticed that the response of certain features are delayed since using this screen protector. Also, this thing is giant FINGER PRINT/SMUDGE MAGNET!

    I bought this product for screen protection and privacy, which it does. I just wish it wasn't as thick and didn't attract so many finger prints!

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    Buy. This. Now.

    This privacy screen protector is perfect. It does exactly what it says it does - gives you privacy from all the nosey people around you! And it does so without sacrificing the screen clarity (as I've read in reviews for other brands of similar items). The finish is glossy, and I'd guess that at about 30 degrees, the phones screen visibility becomes completely black. I don't really think the thickness is an issue, as it is still easy to use the touchscreen. If anything, I think that the thicker film would be more beneficial to protect against scratches.
    Well worth the money!

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    The BEST Privacy Screen!

    This is the best privacy film I've used, nothing can compare.

    The bottom line is this case does what you want, keeps the unwanted eyes out of your phone. You'll notice a slight reduction in clarity with it, but nothing that you can notice unless it's right up against your eyes. Take your time with the install, you can remove it and reapply if you messed up the alignment.

    The film is case friendly too.

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    best protection! best for privacy

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    Works really well.

    This privacy screen protector works really well. I've had it for a few weeks now and haven't had any problems with it. If you're looking for a screen protector to give you some privacy, this is the screen protector for you!

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    Thickness is an issue

    It does the job as explained, but it is so thick that it decreases sensitivity of the touchscreen. I had some difficulty writing, like touchscreen does not respond on my first attempt on corner keys on the keyboard.

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    People will notice

    I enjoy how well this privacy screen protector works. It is great when I travel, keeps strangers from glancing over when using my phone, and I have found out how many people at work love to do the same. Nearly daily someone comments that it doesn't look like my phone is on when then look over at my screen. It has also protected my screen from damage. Has worked exactly as I have expected.

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    GREATEST Privacy Screen

    Excellent product! It really does protect you from prying eyes. Well worth the money!

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    excellent protection as well as privacy

    i had picked up this privacy screen protector out of intrigue and because of the need to replace my current screen protector. i can say that it has proven to work in terms of privacy. it really does help keep prying eyes from seeing anything if the person is next to you. this screen protector also is thicker than the usual protectors, which offers better screen protection. i highly recommend this protector to everyone.

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