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    If your looking for an iPad stand, look no further, this is the best stand ever! You have the luxury of using your iPad for an unlimited amount of time as the stand can keep the iPad charged indefinitely (as long as the stand is plugged in). The different configurations of this stand provides you with numerous options for your iPad. I love to read in bed before going to sleep and now my arms don't hurt from constantly trying to hold the ipad up or finding pillows to bolster the iPad. Its definitely expensive but believe me its well worth the money! Don't bother with any of the other stands, none of them can do what this one does.

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    Great to use

    I purchased this product for almost two years and use it on daily basis. I do not need to warry about the useage of the battery any more because it hooks up the outlet. Its 360 degree angle function that allows me to use it at any position such as lay down, sit or stand and keep my better neck position. I love it and told all my friends to buy it. It fits on ipad, ipad2, new ipad but not mini ipad.

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