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    • Written by from Ewa Beach

    Purchased this for my son's birthday present because it we were able to play with it at the Apple store. We played it with friends at our BBQ and everyone loved it. Everyone uploaded the app free on their iPhone on the app store and completed the tutorial and then it was all business. We played several rounds and everyone wants to come back to our house to play again.

    My son loves the upgrades to each vehicle as he earns points after each race. The upgrades remain with the cars. You also have updates to your profile as you participate for each race.

    I would hope for additional tracks and more cars in the future. The kit comes with two cars, but we purchased the additional cars being sold in the Apple store. Two cars is good, but it's even more fun with 3-4 cars. Each car has it's own attitude, weapons, and upgrades, which make it even more fun.

    My concern is the price of the additional cars. They are a bit pricey and I believe the price should be lower. A brake feature and a nitro boost would be a great add on feature too.

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