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    Uber tight fit

    This bags greatest assest is also its greatest flaw. I love that it is very slim and compact. It's actually specifically what I wanted. However, it is a little too snug for my items. And I honeslty dont have much to carry. I rarely ever bring my power adapter with me unless I know I will be gone longer than a day or really using my Macbook on the go, which is not often. So that is not stored in the bag atm.

    Here is what I have in the bag:

    Macbook Pro Retina 15" (thin)
    Ipad Air with super slim case and smart cover (both thin)
    Kindle paperwhite with amazon case on it (thin)
    Pelican SD card case (thin)
    Seagate 2TB external slim hard drive (thin)
    2 pens (1 adoniti jot touch pro)
    1 Anker 2nd Gen Astro3 12000mAh External Battery (not as thin, but not as bulky either)

    Notice how I am saying thin? Thats all that seems to fit in this bag. I had a few other things I wanted to place in here, but if its anything bulky, forget about it. And the problem is, even when using thin products, the more you place in the bag, the less space you drastically have in other compartments. For instance, all the front smaller pockets are utilized, and the macbook is where it is supposed to go. I doubt I will be able to squeeze anything usefull in the larger front zipper compartment other than some papers. But you would have to take the macbook out before even trying because you would be able to stuff the paper in there easily.

    The macbook doesnt slide in and out as easily either. I had a plastic case on mine, and although it did fit in the designated area, I figured I would take it off to see if it helped slide in better, but it did not.

    Maybe the bag will begin to stretch a little after a while and it will be easier?? But on day one, this bag is very small and tight.

    The one pocket / space I am not currently using which seems to have the most space is been the Macbook and the iPad pockets. That definitely had the most room and would be able to fit power cables in there. But the bag will begin to start buldging at this point.

    Also, another thing to mention is, what I am assuming was made to be a phone pocket because of all the luxurious padding in there....its not very deep. It does not fit my iPhone 6. Possibly made for iPad 4 generation? Not a deal breaker for me because I never stick my phone in my bags. But worth mentioning. I currently have my Seagate 2TB hard drive in there and it fits nicely.

    Overall, this is something I was looking for. Something to just carry my expensive things around easily to and from work without lugging my huge Ogio renegade backpack back and forth, and also without having too much extra space and pockets I dont need (like the ogio hip hop bag which I was first checking out. I dont need an eye glass comparement or water holders, etc).

    The quailty and style of the bag is also top notch. The only thing that would have made this product a 5 stars would be if they even just added even less than a quater inch in some of the compartments. I will have to live with it a week or 2 to tell if this will suite my purposes, or if I will be forced to get something that will accomodate slightly more than I have in here already.

    I'd say this bag is meant for VERY specific people and uses. Definitely not a one size fits all. And considering the price, its quite a commitment unless you plan to never buy or upgrade to any new things along the way (whether it be larger or smaller in size). This bag is very specifically tailored to fit certain products and not much else.

    Hope this helps.

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