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    Very poor quality

    Very shiny and smooth at first. After only a couple of weeks of usage, the case was scratched everywhere. And after I removed it, I saw scratches on the back side of my iPhone. Don't recommend it!

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    Great at first, but...

    When I got my case, I was really happy with it! It didn't add too much size to the phone, but did its job well! It looks sleek and simple, keeping everything looking nice. The problem is that I've only had it for a little over a month and rubber on the front is coming off. Once the rubber comes off, the case is going to be lower than the screen, leaving it vulnerable to screen cracking from any drop. I've had better phone cases off of Amazon for five dollars than this. What I thought was going to be a worth while investment has turned out to be a waste of money. I would not recommend this to anyone that expects their case to last.

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    Just terrible

    I just received this case, and I was impressed with the packaging and the looks of the case, at first. I eagerly removed my phone from the Speck Candyshell and inserted it into the Trio, and I was not impressed. If you guys are familiar with the Candyshell (this case is similar) then you would understand that the rubber is supposed to form a tight fit around the metal band of the phone and minute parts of the screen. Basically when you look at the phone, you would see just the screen and only the screen. No metal bits should be visible. Not with this case. I can see the metal band in large gaps around the bottom left and right corners. Minor gaps on the upper corners. I'm not sure if this was a defect or if this was how the case was made because I have not read any reviews of this case anywhere. Emailing Tech21 or Apple, and if I can't get a worthy replacement then I'll just return it.

    Note: Emailed Tech21 and they said the case was designed with a low rubber bevel so the gaps were put there on purpose. Great. Returned.

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    problem !

    the rubber on the side of the case ripped off on the first day !

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