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    Best case I've ever owned

    Got this case yesterday after researching for the perfect case over the past 3 days. Decided on Tech21 because of the enhanced protection capabilities while also being the most sleek/compact (I hate bulky cases).

    My decision came down to the Tech21 Mesh and the Tech21 Impact Trio. Both are solid cases, but I went with the Impact Trio because:

    A) The buttons are extremely easy to press; it is like the case is not even there (the inside is a soft shell which is what is resting on the buttons. The hard shell component wraps around the rest of the case but is not where the buttons are)

    B) Impact Trio is more compact and sleek than the Mesh

    C) Impact Trio looks better - this is just a personal preference though... I liked the orange band around the Mesh but figured in 2 months I would get sick of it.

    Case also fits perfectly around phone and it is fairly easy to get the phone out of it (just press through the camera whole to pop it out)

    Overall, best case i've owned.

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    Better than Speck Candyshell

    Had a 4S prior to just getting a Space Gray 5S and I always stuck with either Speck Candyshell or the Otterbox Commuter. I never liked the snap-on cases because they don't seem to protect much however, I also don't like the all-encomponssing cases because they're just way too bulky. A friend of mine had recommended Tech 21 and when looking at all the cases on the wall at the Apple Store, this one stuck out to me. It doesn't show the orange D30 material through the case like the other Tech 21 cases yet, the orange D30 material is inside protecting your new beloved phone. (Didn't like the orange border on their other cases) The slick black goes great with the Space Grey. The case itself seems much more durable than the Candyshell which is known for its bottom cutout breaking and chipping from normal wear and tear. Also, the rubber border around the screen protects it just as well as the Candyshell and Otterbox but leaves more room around the edges. The Candyshell and Otterbox often made it difficult to use gestures which involved the edges of the screen. This case solves that. Only thing I could wish for is port protection like the Otterbox has. Overall, VERY happy.

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    Great Case!

    This is the best case I have ever had. Very slim and is very protective without sacrificing anything.

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