• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    beautiful, but terrible quality control

    • Written by from Scarborough

    I bought this at a local Apple store, and had to open up 5 different boxes to find a unit that didn't have jagged, lumpy, or wavy edges. I finally did find one and bought it, but even this one has two small bumps on the back panel. Surely for this price we should be able to find a higher rate of better quality specimens...

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn't protect screen

    • Written by from San Francisco

    This case only protects the sides and back of the iPhone. In videos of it protecting the phone during a fall, it bounces around and emerged unscathed, but the screen never hits the ground because, having no raised bezel on the front, the screen is totally unprotected.

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Looks nice but poor fit and slippery!

    • Written by from LOS ANGELES

    When I first saw this case in the Apple Store I was impressed. The carbon-fiber pattern is gorgeous and the case weighs almost nothing. I normally prefer something a little more protective, but I recently bought a speaker with lightning dock and I have been on a mission to find a good minimalist case with an open bottom to allow docking. This case works great with the dock, and I'm sure the woven Kevlar fibers offer better protection than a simple poly carbonate or plastic clip-on case. Unfortunately this case has two fatal flaws...first the one I got fits rather loose. The phone can actually slide a millimeter or so up and down the case lengthwise which annoys me no end. Looking at other reviews, it seems that some fit perfectly and others are loose. Such variance should be unacceptable to a case manufacturer. I shouldn't have the "try on" several cases at the store to find one that fits. Incidentally, it fits the same on both my personal iPhone 5 as well as my work 5S. Second, while the material feels great in the hand it is extremely slippery. I'm not sure how anyone could consider it "grippy". It's smooth as silk and if I'm not gripping it tightly, it pretty much just oozes out of my fingers. Sadly, as cool as this case is it's going back.

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