• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Everything I was looking for in a case

    This case is a perfect fit for my iPhone 5S, it creates enough wrap around to create a bumper to protect the phone when placed face down. I like the grip and feel of the phone, but it still easily slides in my pocket, Creates very little additional thickness, about the same as a black iPhone 4 with out a case. I like the stealth looks as it does not call attention to itself.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent case with a few issues

    I've had this case a few days now and I really like it. The material is pretty neat - hard to explain but it's slippery yet grippy. It has almost has a silky feel to it. And if your hands are damp you get more grip. The carbon fiber weave offers a stylish look that goes well with the phone.

    On the negative the power port is only large enough for an Apple cable. My ATT car charger won't fit. My ATT charger fits (albeit tightly) in my LifeProof núüd case, but not in his case. My Bose ear buds fit but it's a squeeze. I find this is a common complaint with cases and non-Apple accessories - they don't work well together. If your an accessory maker can we please get on the same page here and make everything work together?!?

    The volume buttons are nice (rubber covers - part of the shock absorbing insert) but the sleep button actually has a hard edge. For an otherwise sleek case it's noticeably rough. And there is one corner on the hard shell portion of my case that is also rough. Otherwise the case feels really nice in hand. I like how the ringer silence button is not covered or protected in anyway vs on my LifeProof case where there is a large button there - I often accidentally hit it and silence my phone inadvertently. On the Evutec this won't be an issue.

    All in all it's an awesome case. Seems durable and it's good looking. I would have rated it with five stars but the fact it won't take a non-Apple charger knocked a star from the rating. And smooth out the edges on the sleep button please.

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