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    Poor charge length performance

    • Written by from Austin

    I bought the incase 5400 for long trips when time between wired outlets was longer than one device could handle. I kept it plugged in for several weeks before a long trip, and finally had a chance to use it on the return flight. When I pulled it out of my backpack and pressed the LED button to see how much charge was left, no LEDs lit up. I had been traveling for 6 days, but the incase 5400 had completely lost its charge in that short time frame. I tried using it anyway, just to see if there was a meter problem on the LEDs, but it was completely out of charge. Why bother lugging a battery around if it won't hold a charge?

    When I got home, I plugged it in again and let it charge up to full. The next day I was able to use it to recharge an iPad 3 from 83% to 96% using half the charge. I expected more from this battery, and am extremely disappointed with the lack of performance and quality assurance under real world conditions. I don't need a battery that looses it's charge in a few days.

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