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    Works perfectly and you should get it for extra power if you use your iPhone for 10 hours or more without charging.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Case is slippery, audio jack ridiculous

    I've owned mophie packs in one form or another for a couple of versions of iPhone, this one disappoints whereas all prior versions were great.

    I'm knocking one start off because the product description says it's a "soft-touch case". The reality is that it's not soft-touch at all, rather hard plastic. It's smooth in a way I can only compare to the hard candy shell of a M&M candy.

    Another star is removed for requiring an extension for your headphones to be able to reach the jack. Granted, the extension is included. The reality however is that I would have to keep track of that extension if I wanted to plug in my headphones, or I could remove the bottom of the case but then have to keep track of that, simultaneously not be able to charge the phone. Didn't Apple figure out consumer aversion, if not poor product design, to inset audio jacks with the first iPhone? mophie should have taken that cue.

    Third star removed for micro usb surround. As with the headphones, because of the connector being inset only some cables fit.

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