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    Very Happy With This Product

    I had this product for my iPhone 4, and I am re-buying it again because of the great experience I had with it. I have tried a few transmitters and this one worked best for me. I live in a suburban area of Philadelphia, PA and rarely have any static at all. The only times it has given me static has been when we go into center city, and we're surrounded by skyscrapers etc., or for some reason near certain large trucks, which I guess picks up some interference from CB radios in those big trucks. I had the product for well over a year and never had a problem. My husband still has an iPhone 4S, so he will be taking over the old one and I am getting the new one for my 5s.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent product!

    Works perfectly! Have not experienced any static, sound is great. This product also has a durable cord and easy to read screen. Highly recommend

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