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    Useable but not w/ iPad Air 2 Smart Case

    • Written by from Mesa

    Yeah, don't bother if you intend to charge an IPad Air 2 and you want to keep the Apple Smart Case on it. The hole in the Smart Case is not large enough to allow full penetration of the lightning connector into the Air 2 socket. That makes it worthless as a charger for a fully enclosed Air2. The Naked Air 2 works fine so if you use a smart cover, it will work. I am nervous putting my naked Ipad Air 2 on it, something about the relatively narrow base feels like it is going to break the lightning connector or get the Air 2 will be knocked to the floor. I don't want my $800 Ipad to hit the floor.

    The unit itself is nicely made but you have to use a USB charger that came with your iPad or keep it attached to your computer USB port for charging.

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    So-So Dock for iPad Air

    • Written by from Bedford

    It works with the iPad Air, but it's not a perfect fit. When in place, the iPad Air doesn't touch the bottom support so it is a bit wobbly - only the lightning connector contacts the bottom of the iPad. So it charges, but if you're not careful, it can tip slightly to either side and not make a connection and the iPad will not be charging. I think the problem results from the change in shape of the bezel of the iPad Air from previous iPads - the discrepancy is only a couple of millimetres, but it makes a difference. Also difficult to line up the connector with the receptacle in the iPad. Works well with iPhone 5.

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    Doesn't work with case

    • Written by from Pasadena

    This dock doesn't work with Apple Smart Case, putting the lightning charger higher doesn't do anything to help it fit on to the dock

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