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    DO NOT PURCHASE! The bluetooth has NEVER maintained a connection. NEVER! Was a gift for Christmas, and was very disappointed in the product. You're music will always cut out. I have been so frustrated with this system. HORRIBLE PRODUCT.

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    WiFi Doesn't work

    This speaker worked twice, then never again. WiFi won't connect. Total waste of money.

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    Like a lot of reviews the sound is great when it works. The main issue is the connection be it bluetooth or airplay the thing simply will not connect. After a year of use the thing appears to be dead with no support from the manufacturer. The companion app has not been updated and no indication of any firmware updates for the speaker. Overall pretty disappointed with the speaker and would recommend you steer clear.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Overpriced, a headache to control

    The sound is good but you get tired of a mono speaker. there is no option for satellite LR speakers (as in adding a second speaker to get stereo). Can't be done unless you have some sort of audio splitter and a comb filter - but that still isn't stereo_/

    The HK remote app is a pain to use. You frequently have to reset the thing and it is fiddly, plus the interface of the app is totally inadequate and the help function doesn't actually help you do anything.
    Switching inputs is a pain. You have to remember what to hold down and for how long.

    I've had this speaker for 10 months and I am the only one in the family who has been able to use it. This is because everyone else gave up on trying to figure it out. I hate this thing.

    I strongly advise getting a proper stereo speaker system. I am confused as why this approach is a good idea. It makes no sense to use this to watch movies and certainly not in a good sized room. The day-to-day operation is a major fail. For $399 you could get a better system.

    I'll put this on eBay and get something that is worth using.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Terrible experience! Avoid!

    This speaker has a whole host of connectivity issues for AirPlay. The wifi is very spotty. I have to have it right next to my Airport Base Station and the device streaming to it must be within 15 feet too. I have a single room apartment and just moving around the apartment with my iPhone the speaker will lose connection. I've also had several times when the device will stop showing up in the speaker list and will need a full factory reset to get it going again. I've also had the speaker turn itself on and volume up / down at random, assuming its getting some kind of interference from a neighbor's phone / tv / something, or it has some kind of quality control issue and buttons are shorting out... either way.. very unstable and frustrating experience, and HK offers little to no customer support. None of my emails have ever been replied to from their product support team.

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    Beautiful design, great connectivity options - annoying execution

    This was an impulse buy based on design looks, all I'd gone into the store to do was buy a phone dock. Connected to my device well via Bluetooth and then.......I couldn't get that wifi light to stop blinking. I don't leave my router on and it's picking up the other 50 networks in my area and won't stop trying to connect. Not that it ever gets enforced but technically a felony. I read the manual and it's 'supposed' to go off. But I guess not if it sees open and unlocked networks (which aren't mine). Sorry to have to take it back tomorrow. Basic functionality HK - Bluetooth on/off, WiFi on/off. That light is about as relaxing as a car seat belt icon WITH the dinging.

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