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    This case is sleek and expensive looking. I love all of the positions and my iPad stays where it should - no slippage here! The inside is soft, and gently yet securely holds my iPad mini. The outside cover is smooth and I can see it will be easy to keep clean. After much research, I'm completely impressed and satisfied with my Acme Made Skinny Book Case.

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    Excellent Product!

    The Acme Made Skinny Book Case finds the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Closed, this iPad mini case looks like one of my Moleskin notebooks. Open, it offers 4 different viewing options, perfect for when I am either writing emails, checking Facebook, reading an article, watching a movie, or FaceTiming. In addition, the cover engages with your iPad the way the Apple Smart Covers do. For the price and what this product offers, it is well worth your money.

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    Well Worth the Money

    I replaced my Belkin Chambray book-type case with this Acme case and I'm VERY happy that I did. The Acme case offers 3 different stand orientations plus the automatic on/off when you open/close it. Yes, it's a bit pricey at $50 but it's well worth the money (and I say this as someone who's owned iOS devices for four years and refused to spend over $20 on a case, until now). It's lightweight, sturdy, and fits neatly in a purse. I highly recommend this case!

    (Tip for iPad Mini owners: stay away from the Belkin case I mentioned above. They obstruct the side buttons, the sleep button, and the corners of the screen).

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    LOVE this case

    Seriously, having inspected all the cases at the Apple Store in person, I bought this one and am so so happy it. It is classy chic and gives me so many options.

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    Protection and Function - Home Run

    I've had my Skinny Book for a couple of weeks now and can confidently say I love it. The case is rigid and therefore protective but also allows me to use my iPad mini in the three positions; for typing, what I call TV mode (landscape orientation) and and FaceTime mode (portrait orientation).

    It's very stable in each of these positions while being surprisingly lightweight. I throw it in my purse, backpack or laptop bag depending on the day. Planning to buy a couple as Christmas gifts for my family. And if they add any colors at some point, I'll buy another for myself!

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    Solid built multifunction case that will go the distance!

    Spare no expenses with this case because you will get your monies worth out of it! I have been waiting for something like this to come along and finally Acme Made has done it! The multiple ways to stand your iPod mini in this case is wonderful! My favorite (which isn't pictured) is Portrait Mode, when the case stands vertical (in an upside down V shape) which is perfect for utilizing FaceTime or Skype. Despite there is a lack of color options, the case itself is great, well made, so versatile & I have already put mine to great use many times over!

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    Move Over Smarty!

    This is by far the most versatile, best value case on the market. The craftsmanship is top notch and the case feels great in my hands. The elastic band keeps the case open when I'm using my iPad mini and securely closed when I carry it in my bag. Then there are THREE, not two, modes of use! How absolutely wonderful. This case is easy to use and sturdy in any of the THREE modes. Love the overall sleek design. Highly recommended!

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    High quality and low profile- complete protection

    I am always on the quest for the perfect case. I have tried many of the popular cases offered on Amazon and always like cases that offer front and back protection while not adding a lot of bulk. This case does that smoothly.

    When the iPad cover is closed, it is secured with the elastic band. The material is very soft and smooth. I have oily fingers and somehow the material doesn't get greasy. It has very tiny little sparkles in it that are only viewable up close. There is an Acme Made logo in silver ink on front that looks really nice.

    The inside of the case is soft micro fabric. The plastic mount that grabs onto the iPad is easy to attach and remove, yet feels like it holds the iPad securely. The elastic band that holds the cover back can also be used to slip your hand in to hold the iPad easier. The band is attached in such a way that allows you to slip the cover under a section of the band instead of fighting to get the cover completely "under" the band. You can prop the iPad up 3 different ways. Two of them involving folding the cover over using the iPad in landscape view and the third method is portrait view-the plastic holder unsnaps open so that it stands like an A-frame.

    Overall, this case looks trendy while still being classy and minimalistic. The material is strong and I don't think it will rip or tear easily. This is a quality product and worth the money. I'm very happy with it!

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    Great Quality

    I am most happy with the quality of this case. I love how you can use it in so many different ways but more importantly to me it protects my iPad mini when I travel yet is still lightweight enough that I can carry it in my purse. Best kept secret for iPad mini cases.

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    Wonderfully Designed

    This case is awesome. View your mini from any position. The perfect protection solution for this kind of investment.

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