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    Best Monitors that I have Owned

    • Written by from STEAMBOAT SPRINGS

    I ordered the new Mac Pro with two of these monitors. When I first turned them on I found that I had more real estate than ever before. These are razor sharp monitors. Yes, they perform wonderfully with my epson printer. Previously the gold standard monitors were my older 30" cinema displays. These new thunderbolt monitors, made by Sharp, are simply far superior. My Macbook Pro (Late 2013) also drives both monitors. Hot-swapping is a breeze. Just unplug one or both monitors. I often do this when I want to steal away them from my Mac Pro and use them with my laptop. Two of these monitors cost almost as much as my Mac Pro but their performance and real estate is well worth the price. These are beautifully crafted displays with stands that allow raising (quite high or very low) as well as tilting. Again... back to the 4K real estate. I have so much room to work now that it makes me hesitate to use any display system that is smaller. Now what will I do with my old Mac Pro and Apple Cinema displays? Thanks Apple. Your equipment is simply the best on the planet!

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    2 X 4K on Haswell/Nvidia rMBP!!!

    • Written by from Redlands

    Just installed TWO Dell UP3214Q on a late 15" 2013 rMBP with discrete Nvidia GeForce 650m. Let's remember the Dell 4K, which has the same IZGO screen.
    DisplayPort 1.2 can be enabled on the Dell OSD.
    On MacOS X Mavericks, the rMBP runs it's screen at full res @ 60Hz, the 2 4K monitors at full res but only @ 30Hz.
    In Windows 8.1 in bootcamp, the rMBP runs it's screen at full res @ 60Hz, the 2 4K monitors at full res @ 30Hz refresh if DisplayPort 1.2 is disabled, but can only run it's screen and ONE of the 4k at full res AND 60Hz with DP1.2 enabled.
    INTERRESTINGLY, if you "SOFT disconnect" the rMBP own screen it will then drive both 4K monitors at full res AND 60 Hz, WOW!!!
    There you have it. The late 2013 runs 2x 4k screens at full res.

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    Exceeded expectations

    • Written by from Sandy

    Bought this for my up and coming Mac Pro which won't be here for another couple months. Works on my late 2013 13" rMBP at 3840x2160x30Hz as advertised, but also shocked that my Mid 2011 27-inch iMac, not advertised as able, is actually driving it at this same full resolution & refresh rate (with AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB) using the DisplayPort cable that came with the display. Slightly slow and jumpy, but the resolution is full and legit. Text looks better when display installed upside down as the subpixel text rendering expects the pixels to be divided R-G-B and this monitor has it reversed, B-G-R. Until OS X supports B-G-R natively, the included stand allows upside down mounting and then simply rotate it 180 degrees in system preferences.

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    • Written by from Horgen

    Absolutely the best overpriced item I have ever bought. The colors are brilliant and come as close to my prints on my Epson photo printer as no other display I've used before. It definitively beats any Apple display (including "Retinas"). Mounting and setup was a breeze. This is an absolute must have for anyone willing to spend the extra buck as an early adopter of new technology. I have also found the price Apple sells this item at to be decently competitive.

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    The best I have ever used and seen

    • Written by from toronto

    You have to see the images to believe this monitor.

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    Not cheap, but wow is it nice

    • Written by from West Windsor

    Earned a Product of the Year award from CRN

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