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    This bag is a true beauty

    • Written by from Beverly

    The first day I used this pack, there was this crazy icy slushy snowy rainy storm, and the Inspire stood up to the elements like a champ. This is exactly why I wanted it - something I could bring on my commute (which includes some good time spent outdoors in the New England weather) and not worry about leakage in on my precious MacBook Pro or iPad. Those aren't exactly things you want to throw to chance with a $30 bag from someplace else.
    There a lots of good pockets and a ridiculous amount of space inside the bag, like you'll be looking for more things to carry with you. Cargo seems to disappear inside, in both the way the bag holds everything and the fact that it's (minor drawback) kind of dark inside. If you want to carry your gadgetry outdoors in the world, then this is it.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    More cool than practical

    • Written by from Kent

    I've owned this bag for maybe six months now. I wanted to expose it to the weather of Cleveland ohio which, if you don't know, changes fairly quickly. I use the bag for commuting on my road bike almost everyday rain or shine. the bag is very comfortable even when its loaded with stuff. The slots for the mac book and iPad where a good idea, but you can use them for other things too. the back is a little cramped and dark on the inside, but that shouldn't be an surprise because when its opened it fairly tall. that bag IS NOT WATER PROF, just water resistant only on the front and the sides, not the back or bottom of the bag so be carful. You mac book isn't 100% protected from the elements. Oh and if you're wondering that cool metal thing is on the shoulder strap, it a sun/eye glass holder, bottle opener, and and be used to hang your keys with a carabiniere.

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