• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Lots of Potential

    I am currently rating this product as 2 out of 5 with the possibility of being upgraded or downgraded depending on how Livescribe Support responds to my support request (2/5/14).

    Cons and Issues:
    1. This pen has fewer features than older versions. Specifically, it cannot make use of the customizable preset buttons on the top of dot paper and has no connectivity to a desktop. Further, there is no ability to backup or transfer audio and text notes to iCloud in iOS. I think this is an attempt to get customers to continue as Evernote (their partner) Premium Members after their first year, which is included.

    2. In one week of ownership there have been half a dozen times where the left portion of a page is cut off, making text recognition useless as well as the PDF-scan version of handwritten notes. So far, the issue resolves itself (meaning what you wrote is still cut off, but future notes will work fine) after restarting the pen, application, and iPhone.

    3. Older versions/models of the pen have many more options regarding ink cartridge replacements (i.e. color and point size). Black and blue ink with a medium point are the only options for this pen; older pens have black, blue, and red options in medium and fine points.

    1. I enjoy writing by hand and also enjoy having audio notes. OS X apps I have used that link audio with text always have my typing in the audio, which is annoying. Older versions/models of the pen have a lower quality built-in mic that records your handwriting. This version/model uses the mic in your iPhone or iPad and therefore you get clean audio while also being able to take notes during the lecture/meeting.

    2. This model/version is very nicely integrated into iOS. They just need to work out the bugs and add OS X integration.

    3. It has a lot of potential. If Livescribe is able to produce the product I thought I was buying (the product they advertise) this will be a definite 5 star product and I will update the review accordingly.

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