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    College Students: Here's a life-changing investment I think necessary

    I never thought something as simple (ironically) as a pen would change my educational career. At the beginning of my freshman year at the university I attend, I struggled. Especially in my chem and bio class.
    I saw the Livescribe 3 Smartpen ad and was in awe and I was hooked. Once I received it, my life changed. My study habits improved 5x more and studying became much more efficient and easy. I was able to take my usual notes and record my professor's lectures. Not only write and record, but was able to go to a specific note and listen to what my professor said at that specific time.
    Long story short, my c's turned into A's (seriously scored 4 100's out of 5 exams in zoology).
    It is a bit pricy and has some flaws with the app and should be updated to show pdf's and pencasts on desktop, but that is all easily overlooked for its great quality, convenience, and functionality (especially when synced with OneNote or Evernote).

    I highly recommend it for a college (or any) student who needs improved study habits to purchase this pen!!!!

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    I love this Pen!

    I was excited to try the LiveScribe 3, but hesitant to buy it after reading a few negative reviews. For my purpose, as a graduate student and teacher, it is AWESOME. I have had the pen since boxing day and so far I am very impressed. I love this pen!

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    Livescribe smart pen 3

    I've been using my new pen for about a month now and it does everything I need it to do, organizing and reviewing notes. Am starting to use the recorded audio feature.

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