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    • Written by from Overland Park

    I am currently training for a half marathon and wear the Armband on my left arm as I'm right handed and it seems easier to change stations from that position. After running multiple long runs, 8-13, the inside of my left arm is scratched raw from the Armband. I contribute this to the fact the Armband is not elastic and doesn't flex when running. I also experience frustration when trying to do any type of bicep curls, again, because the band is not elastic. I have used many different running bands and feel this product is very much lacking. I like that it is slim and the cover is easy to use, but when actively used, I'm considering a different product.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Touch Screen becomes useless

    • Written by from Hudson

    If you sweat this is the worst armband to buy. The touch screen will not work with the clear plastic from. I found this issue very frustrating, in order to stop my run I have to remove the armband and apply excessive pressure or remove phone from pouch. This is not something you really want to do after running for an hour or so.

    The arm band is comfortable and it does absorb a fair amount of sweat however.

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