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    Best Armband Ever

    I've owned at least three different armbands and this one is by far the best. Here is what I love about this armband:

    1) It doesn't stink and sweat/condensation doesn't get inside;
    2) It's very sleek, thin, stretchy but still feels well 'constructed';
    3) Can easily use touch screen (I own an iPhone 5);
    4) Has earphone openings top AND bottom so you can insert phone upside-down or right-side-up;
    5) I have a minimalist case on my phone and it fits in the armband (no need to remove phone from case).

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    I have been reading the great reviews and was very tempted to buy this armband. My only question was whether an iPhone 5S in Apple's leather case would fit in - removing it from the case every time before the workout would be an incredibly annoying thing. Well, I took my risk, and it does fit - very snug, and it takes a few extra seconds and a bit of an effort to squeeze the phone in, but it is perfect.

    The armband was very comfortable and didn't bother me at all during my run - in fact, at some point I simply forgot it was there. I was also very impressed by sweat-resistance. The inside of the armbad was soaking wet with sweat after the workout, and I was worrying that the iPhone might get some of the moisture. But the device was perfectly dry, it is very very well insulated.

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    Top of the class

    Excellent armband! This is the best armband I've used and I have used quite a few. I am a multiple sport athlete and I use armbands daily for jogging and cycling activity.

    Pros: Water Resistant Casing - Not waterproof
    Phone fits snug
    Several Velcro strips - Other armbands have just one strip and if it wears you are screwed (single point of failure). This band has three Velcro strips on the band.
    Headphone inlet on the top and bottom
    Adjustable arm width - two positions for small or larger arm sizes
    Touchscreen functions through the plastic film
    Very compact when not in use, essentially as flat as a piece of fabric. Great for tucking into a riding jersey

    Cons: Fingerprint sensor doesn't work through plastic film. Not a biggie just inconvenient
    Phone will not fit with Apple's leather case for the iPhone 5S

    Again, the best armband I've used thus far. My previous armband was the zCover and I have very few complaints moving to the Nike armband.

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    Awesome armband

    The band is very slim and low profile. Its pretty simple, no extra bells and whistles. Seems well made. I like the small details.

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    Huge Fan

    Great Look and Comfortable. Also works well whether I decide to wear my phone facing up or down.

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