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    Easy to install, inconsistent to lock/unlock

    • Written by from Jonesborough

    My mom was looking to replace her aging deadbolt and wanted something in nickel. She's not super tech-savy, but likes new gadgets. I recommended spending the money and get one of these Kevo locks. I told her that she could use her iPhone 4s to control the lock while keeping her hands free to carry things into the house. She seemed pretty excited about it, so she spent the money to get one.

    The installation for the lock was pretty easy. The instructions were pretty straight forward.
    I did several tests with the lock with my iPhone 5s and it seemed to work pretty well. There were times that it was inconsistent. After testing, I found out that it wouldn't do it when the phone was in my pocket, but it would work when I was holding my phone.

    I then would test it with her 4s and it would still work inconsistently. Both of us had ordered new iPhones (6 and 6+), and attributed the problems to her 4s being over 3 years old and starting to have Bluetooth problems. I decided to wait it out and see if the new phones had the same problem.

    While we waited for our phones to come in, Kevo released a firmware update to the lock (I thought it was really cool that the firmware on the lock can be updated). After the update, my 5s worked much better. We get our new iPhones and the deadbolt is still not 100% accurate at recognizing when a phone is its vicinity but it is better.

    Kevo has a great idea here, but the product is not 100% reliable. I recommend the product but only if you have $200+ to spend and some patience.

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