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    This lock looks just like the original lock it replaced

    • Written by from Alameda

    I put this lock on our cabin, so we can rent it via services like AirBnB and not have to hand off the key, simply email an eKey to them, and disable it when they leave.

    The best part of this lock is that when it is not active it looks exactly like the original lock it replaced, the lights are only visible when running. Install was easy with just 4 screws. Sadly I killed the first lock I bought by pinching the antenna cable, leave the adhesive on the antenna wire! Once in the door install the batteries while holding the program button and it will test for door direction and it is now ready for use. I woke the included key fob with a pencil tip and walked out the door. Touching it caused it to lock upon detecting the fob on my body.

    I then used the key tool to swap the included key for the original house key so ALL my locks use the same key. Just turn the included key, insert the key tool, remove the key, insert your house key, remove the tool and turn your key both directions. Your house key now controls the lock, the included keys no longer do.

    Lastly I downloaded the app to my iPhone 5 and followed the directions onscreen to have the lock registered in my name. Touch the program button and it became aware of my phone as a key, Touch the Calibrate button and perform the procedure (go outside with phone in pocket and tap the lock several times) and it calibrates the antenna to your phone and pocket, do this with the fob too. This makes it so when someone knocks on the locked door your approach doesn't allow those outside to unlock your door simply because your key is near on the inside of the door. The lock ONLY opens when you are outside with your eKey.

    I have emailed several family members as test who simply downloaded the app, registered, and accepted my eKey invitation. When they arrived at the house their key allowed them to open and lock the door w/o me being there or hiding a key above the door frame. When they leave I can disable their eKey without removing their eKey so they can only use it again when I say they can, or I can retrieve the eKey and email it to someone else. I get a notification when anyone uses the lock right on my phone.

    Since the eKeys and their tracking are controlled by the company they don't give you unlimited keys, currently they give you 5 extras when you buy (Summer 2014) but may change that number and require you to buy them. 6 total seems like enough for now.

    The only feature I cannot find is let people in on certain days and times, like a dog walker or plumber. Guess that will come in a future release. I somehow also assumed that it would include the ability to unlock from the iphone, but I guess they don't want to be a target for hackers. Since NO ONE can unlock remotely, hackers will have to stand in-front of my door to try and get in, where hopefully I would notice them.

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    Love and hate relationship

    • Written by from Oceanside

    I have had my lock replaced 3 times. The first time it was because the wiring harness got in the way while screwing the lock onto the door set. Kwikset is awesome to work with and very VERY quick to respond to your needs. The downfalls are, they do not tell you that you only get 2 e-keys and that in the first roll out they will give you an additional 5, after that you have to pay for each one. For some reason the app always decides to shut down, and as you need it to work, it will not open the door until you log back in, usually while standing in the rain with your hands full. Love the lock, hate the little glitches. I say buy it, but do your research.

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    Two bucks per key

    • Written by from Arlington

    This thing seems solid, especially in comparison to the August we returned. Time will tell if it holds up.
    One big surprise... each e-key costs two dollars, the most useful feature of this lock will cost you each time. How many neighbors, cleaning people, or family do you have? It'll cost you 2 bucks for each of them to use this thing. Not cool.

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