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    Vacation Rental use - limited app functions

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    The reason I bought Kevo was because most of my guest would leave the door unlocked after they checkout. First, I wanted control from my smartphone over the locks. Unfortunately, Kevo doesn't allow the admin to open or close the locks. Second, the process of assigning keys takes too many steps that the guest ends up giving up. It should only be three steps. Finally, the competition is offering more options at lower prices. This is the year where the leader of the smart-lock will emerge and integrate into the smart-home.

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    Works well, easy to install, easy to use

    • Written by from Cupertino

    Unlocking Kevo deadbolt is similar to unlocking a vehicle by using touch area or button on door handle. Most vehicles do not work with phones, yet, requiring you to have a "key" with you, though you don't need to take the "key" out and do something with it, it just needs to be with you. Kevo deadbolt also comes with a "key fob", and you can buy more of those, to carry just like those for vehicles, though it does one better than most vehicles by allowing you to use a phone instead (iPhone, some Android phones). So, if you already carry a phone, you don't need to carry anything else, and you can unlock or lock your door just by touching the lock. Also, if you want to give someone access, you can send them a temporary or permanent key electronically (if they have compatible phone), and permanent keys can have restrictions on when they can be used.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very cool tech product

    • Written by from Pikeville

    I own the brushed nickel.

    AWESOME product.


    - Easy as heck to install. If you are at all knowledgable of basic tools... screwdriver... this should be a very easy install. If your door is not a standard door, you might need a dremel tool.

    - Instructions are incredibly well written, using lots of images and graphics to tell the story of how to make this device work. App is very well developed, simple and easy to use. Very intuitive overall. Grandma should be able to make it work.


    - Would like to see time stamps on the eKeys to make it work only during a certain time. But I believe that is on it's way, so soon that won't be a con.

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