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    Fingerprint Magnet

    I have used Power Support anti-glare films exclusively on iPhones for years and they have always been top quality.

    However their new versions which are on sale now in the Apple Store have a different finish which shows fingerprint smears to a much higher degree.

    This is true for both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 films currently available in the Apple Store.

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    Sizing Not Quite Right For iPhone 6

    I love Power Support products. After trying many different iPhone films over the years, they've proven to be the best one by a long shot. Sadly, the newest version they've made for iPhone 6 is not properly sized.

    The new film obviously can't protect the whole face of the phone now that it's beveled... but it doesn't even fully cover the entire illuminated part of the screen.

    Normally, Power Support's films are barely noticeable when applied correctly, but this one is too visible in my opinion.

    I'll still keep this on my phone for now. That said, I'm hopeful Power Support will make a slight revision to this version soon.

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