• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Terrible - Doesn't Cover Fully

    I've been a fan of power support for at least two years now. I had the anti-glare cover for my iPhone 5 and loved it so I was sure I would love it for the iPhone 6 too. I was wrong. It does not cover the whole screen – aka it doesn't go edge to edge. I have a tiny sliver of my screen unprotected because this screen cover won't fit right. Thoroughly disappointed and will be buying a different cover asap. Absolutely terrible. How are you protecting my screen if you don't cover the whole thing?

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    The best screen protector I've ever bought.

    This is the best screen protector you can get for your iPhone 5s. If you know how to install a screen protector, you'll end up with perfect alignment and no air bubbles whatsoever. The screen protector makes my screen feel very smooth, doesn't show fingerprints, and is VERY scratch resistant. When I first got my iPhone 5s, I had a cheap screen protector on it, but since I bought a quality phone, I later decided to purchase a quality screen protector. You can really tell the difference between this screen protector and a cheap one. I've had it on my phone for almost a month and there's still no scratches on the protector. I definitely trust it to protect my display. I also love how it doesn't look like there's an anti-glare screen protector on my phone, in terms of display quality, and I love the over-sized cut out for the home button at the bottom. Everything about this protector is perfect and I would recommend it to anyone who owns an iPhone.

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    Best Available for iPhone

    I've used Power Support on numerous generations of iPhones. (I hate the name... but whatever.) I assume you've had experience with protectors, but these are the best I've found:
    These are two-layer films hard plastic 'stiff' front and 'gummy' (not sticky) back. Application is dry *however* you can do it wet. This is critically important: You apply the film normally (clean and remove all debris, then squeeze out all bubbles that you can.) There will be imperfection - but WAIT a day... the plastic is gas-permiable and most imperfections disappear. IF an imperfection remains, you can actually wash debris from the gummy side with water and re-apply.
    I find hard-film protectors vastly superior to glass for a dozen reasons not listed here but not the least of which the iPhone display is actually VERY hard already, adding a layer of glass doesn't enhance the device.
    One caveat: because these are gummy-backed film, basically if the case touches the film from the edge *at all* it will eventually lift and create a debris-bubble at that collision point. Covering the film edge is fine, hitting it edge-on is not.

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    Nothing special here...

    No problems with the bubbles or failure to adhere as other reviewers indicated. It's not a great fit however, and doesn't quite fill the lighted area of the screen. I ruined the first film trying to get it to fit, and the second film is also off by just enough to be distracting. I'll use it until I find a good iPhone 6 Plus case, but save your money and pass on this one!

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    Love it

    I used this on my 4S and dropped it numerous times. I would not use another. I fully recommend it.

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    I'd buy it again

    1) A lot of the reviews on this product complain that this film doesn't cover the entire screen. Personally, I am satisfied with the fit. As others have mentioned, the curved edges of the iPhone 6 make a full screen film problematic. I'll gladly take a film that only covers 95% of the screen over one with 100% coverage that I have to worry about the edges popping up over time. I do find that the film provides 100% coverage of the lit portion of the screen.

    2) Installation went very well. The dust sticker is good, although they should include two stickers since there are two films. The instructions show placing the film first over the button at the bottom of the phone first and then working it up toward the top of the phone. Personally, I find it easier to line up and install when I start at the top of the phone (smaller holes) and then work my way down to the large button at the bottom of the phone. My screen went on the first time perfectly with no air bubbles or imperfections.

    3) The anti-glare properties of the film do slightly mute the colors and vibrance of the display. The film has a nice texture and doesn't impact the sensitivity of the touch screen. I have used the Power Support films happily on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, and this version seems to have the same level of quality and durability as the previous versions.

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    Fingerprint Magnet

    I have used Power Support anti-glare films exclusively on iPhones for years and they have always been top quality.

    However their new versions which are on sale now in the Apple Store have a different finish which shows fingerprint smears to a much higher degree.

    This is true for both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 films currently available in the Apple Store.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Buy it!!

    I've had the same film on my phone since January. It is now October and it's still on my phone!!
    Whoever had trouble applying this onto their phone should not own an iPhone.

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Sizing Not Quite Right For iPhone 6

    I love Power Support products. After trying many different iPhone films over the years, they've proven to be the best one by a long shot. Sadly, the newest version they've made for iPhone 6 is not properly sized.

    The new film obviously can't protect the whole face of the phone now that it's beveled... but it doesn't even fully cover the entire illuminated part of the screen.

    Normally, Power Support's films are barely noticeable when applied correctly, but this one is too visible in my opinion.

    I'll still keep this on my phone for now. That said, I'm hopeful Power Support will make a slight revision to this version soon.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I ordered one for my iPad mini, I was so impressed I ordered one for my iPhone. They are great. Nice that they give you all you need to clean the screen before install, and, easy to install. The end result is what I am most happy with, way less glare.

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    Great if you love bubbles on your screen

    I found this impossible to get on my phone. It has directions in pictures with no words, and I couldn't understand the pictures. I finally threw the whole mess in the trash, then took it out of the trash when I saw the review saying just to line up the holes and smooth out the bubbles. Which I did. And, Hurray, ONLY 21 of the air bubbles that won't come out are on the actual screen area. The rest are at the edges. Having already gotten the 2nd film dusty and dirty trying to install it, I am left with bubbles all over and 1 film for $18.

    Does anyone at apple know how to write directions so that those of us who are not visual processors can install these things?

    I did ask to have it installed at the store, but of course they declined. Apparently they aren't supposed to do that. Thanks a million Apple. I guess when this phone becomes obsolete, I'll check out other brands

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Best!

    I've been using Power Support Anti-Glare screen protector films since i've had my iPhone 3G. The one thing I wish they had done was cut the home button circle to fit tighter. But other than that I love their screen protector's.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Happy I made the Purchase! :) 95% Happy! :) READ FURTHER TO KNOW WHY!

    I just got the product today. I was a bit hesitant about getting it, but it was only $17.99 and it was for 2. So I thought, why not? If I'd messed up on the first one, I'd at least get a second try. I WAS A BIT DISAPPOINTED ON ONE THING, AND THE THING IS THAT, THE STICKER TO GET ALL THE DUST OFF, IT WAS DAMAGED OR IN OTHER WORD, NOT FUNCTIONING PROPERLY. WHEN I PEELED THE STICKER TO START GETTING THE DUST OFF MY IPHONE. IT DIDN'T COME OFF, It was like it was already used, the STICKYNESS on the sticker was not on there at all. Maybe I got the bad package with the bad sticker issues, it must kinda like maybe the glue on the sticker was dryed up so it didn't stick at all. BUT ANYHOW THAT WAS THE LET DOWN OF THIS PACKAGE. But everything else worked just fine, I was able to put the film on with ease, no bubble or anything. I was like, this is a lifesaver! I take 5 points off this product, just mainly of the sticker stuff was defective. I would totally recommend this product to a friend. Luckly I had some tape laying to get the dust off my iPhone.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love Power Support

    I have been using the Power Support screen covers since the first iPhone. They work amazingly well. I wish Apple offered more of their products. I like the shiny covers better myself. I even used them when the back of the phone was fully glass. They offer a set for that version. I will ALWAYS use power support for my iPhones. It doesn't leave a film and they are easy to install. I have a cover on my iPad 2 as well from the time I bought it.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Not sure what the other reviewer is experiencing either, but I've loved these films since the iPhone 3G era. They are made a stronger plastic so will add a little "lift" from the screen but nothing that actually messes with user ability. They add a kind of matte finish to the screen (which I love, others don't) and the sun protection is excellent. They are VERY durable and I've really only found myself using the second one provided because I simply wanted to. I basically just wanted a "fresher" looking screen cover (obviously the oils from fingers builds up over time, but nothing a quick wipe down can't fix). Other than that, I love this product and recommend for anyone wanting true anti-glare protection, a sort of matte finish, and an overall durable screen protector (oh and you can't beat the price for TWO!) I get compliments all the time!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best thing ever

    Not sure what the other reviewer is experiencing, but I'm compelled to fully recommend this product. The film itself is quite thick and strong, not floppy like some of the other softer films. It's extremely easy to put on because of its sturdiness. Once you line it up with the holes all you need to do is lay it down and start pushing the bubbles out from the centre. The dust remover sticker it provides is a Godsend. I save it and use it for applications on other devices too. Also it comes with 2 in the package, essentially making it $7.5 for one that lasts at least an year for me, and I'm the kind who toss the phone in my purse to rub against keys and stuff. The anti-glare makes reading easier on the eyes for longer periods of time and does not leave finger prints at all.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't waist your money

    There are two films included in this package. The first lasted about 20min and then started to peal off the screen.
    I took it off and used the included "dust remover" (a sticker that removes the dust from the screen) and placed the 2nd film on making sure it was straight and there were no air bubbles. After about 2 hours the center of the film started to bubble and wouldn't stay stuck to the screen.
    I wouldn't be all that upset if these things were priced like they should be, but for $14.95, I would think they would actually last for more then a day. The film on my old iPhone lasted 3 years so I know it's possible.

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