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    An excellent product

    I really can't say enough good things about this product. I have had it since last Xmas and have used it a number of times. I read some of the reviews and somewhat understand the criticisms of the user instructions. I should have reviewed them before I started this because if they are the same as when I first looked in December I can understand the frustration and that is my only reason for a 4 star rating. That said, if you will take the time to get familiar with the product I think you will be very impressed with the features. I find the quality to be excellent both in terms of the presentation, the video instruction, the tips and probably most important the swing elements like club plane and club speed and tempo and others combined with the avatar that shows you exactly what is happening with your swing gives you insight you have never had before. Further, during the 6-7 months that I have been using it there have been a number of upgrades. I think the product developers are very open to suggestions and I am looking forward to other enhancements as time goes by. If you are having difficulty with the start up I encourage you to try and battle your way through. You won't be sorry.

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    Great Concept for Golfers ..... BUT

    This is the same device that batters and tennis players use; only the attachment mechanism is different.

    But ... and this is a huge downside to golfers ... in order to use this on the course you *must* have your phone or tablet with you, because each club you pick from the bag for a given shot has to be selected on the phone/tablet in order for swing paths to be properly recorded against the respective club.

    This introduces considerable tinkering with the app while playing, an action that other players may not appreciate. Additionally, pressing the 'button' on the sensor itself is a trial an error activity which takes quite a lot of pressure --- a simpler top-mounted switch like that on Zepp's older Golfsense unit would be more practical.

    If Zepp could make the button easier to locate and depress, and somehow get the unit to not require the using the phone/tablet to selecting the club, perhaps by using NFC tags in a manner similar to that in the Game Golf device, they would have a hands-down winner.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product but lacking one thing.

    Yes the box and the packaging is very nice, but honestly who cares about that. Or how is that going to help improve your golf game.

    As far as a manual. It's very easy and simple to use. No real need for a manual in my opinion its kind of common sense.

    What I like is that the sense is very small and unnoticeable on your glove, so it doesn't distract you at all. I love the beep that it makes to tell you that your swing is recorded.

    What I don't like is that the bluetooth sometimes goes in and out some times. Not really a big deal until you hit what you think is a perfect shot and you have no data on it. I would of also preferred a simple on and off switch rather than the push button. But then again that doesn't really matter when trying to improve your golf swing.

    Now to what it's lacking. And the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. Is all that data that it shows is very good and important to hitting great golf shots, however; it's missing the most important thing to hitting target. And that is if your club face at impact. The sensor needs to some how tell you if your club face is open, square, or closed at impact. As that is the most important thing to hitting target with the golfball, and shaping the golfball. If they add that then this is in my opinion one of the best swing improvers out there.

    One thing that i would love for it to be able to do is maybe use all the data and come up with a range that your ball should travel assuming that your hitting the ball in the sweet spot every time.

    But this is by far one of the best, simplest, and most convent golf training aids out there. It has helped me make the most out of my practice time. I never go to the range with out it. It has helped me single out certain areas in my golf swing, and keep working at it until it improves. I would highly recommend this aid to anyone. Great golf investment.

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