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    Easily smartphone enables any garage door

    The MyQ Controller mounts in your garage. It connects to your wireless network so your smartphone can access it via WiFi or the internet via a MyQ (free) service. The MyQ Controller acts as a repeater that sends open/close commands to your garage door opener as if it were a door transmitter in your car. This means it works with nearly any garage door opener.

    A separate battery powered sensor mounts on your garage door which confirms if the door is opened or closed. The iPhone App shows a picture of your door in the open or closed state.

    You can buy an additional sensor from Chamberlain to work with a second garage door. But that's it. This allows you to smartphone control up to two garage doors.

    The iPhone app is basic but workable. Graphics show you the current state of the door and tapping the door opens or closes it.

    Easy to install and program especially if you have programmed the transmitters in your car before.

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    Use with caution!

    Following installation on 3-21 everything seemed to be working great. Loved being able to check my iPhone and see that door was closed. However, during the last few days - once at night when I was home and today (4-17) when I was away - neighbors called to let me know that my garage door was open. Checked my iPhone today and it showed it had been open for 22 minutes, while I left over 2 hours before that. I closed it from the App and called Chamberlain when I got home. To my surprise, I was advised by their technical support that due to this running over the Internet, there is a 3-5 minute period of time after pressing the "learn" button to set up the controller during which time any other devices used in range of my opener will actually sync with my garage door opener and be able to access it in the future. Granted, the likelihood of this happening may be minimal, but it CAN happen and did. Thus, someone else was opening my garage door, unbeknown to them. I advised I was going to unplug the controller to stop this, but was advised by Chamberlain that in order to remove the other devices, I had to wipe out all codes on the garage door opener and reprogram only those that I wanted to have access. Glad they told me that, but quite a pain to redo everything, except this, of course. Everything should now be okay, and Controller is going back to the Apple Store where I purchased it. Loved idea but do not believe it is safe.

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    A useful tool for absent minded people

    I was always forgetting if I closed the garage door. I got this nagging doubt after I am half way to where I am going and then worry about it until I get home or turn around and go back to check. The door has also stayed open all night because I forgot to close it. The MyQ garage door controller is a great solution to the issue. I programmed mine to send me a notification if the door stays open for 10 minutes or more. If I get an alert, I can close the door no matter where I am (cell/network connection required). The device is easy to install and set up. If you have an iOS device, it gets all of the WiFi network information from a bluetooth connection the device establishes with your phone. I have had no issues with it so far. The best part is no more trips back home to check that door.

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    NOT HomeKit Compatible - Yet

    I recently purchased the Myq garage door opener thinking it was HomeKit compatible and it's not. I did some further research and Chamberlin states on their forms that it is not HomeKit compatible yet. They're saying they will be releasing a firmware update that will make it compatible but as of now it is 100% NOT COMPATIBLE! Which is frustrating since apples sells it from their store as if it is. Please be aware that what you're purchasing is NOT HomeKit compatible and you're operating on the premiss that it will be supported sometime in the future. That's what Chamberlin is promising but based off their form posts they've been promising this for months now. Beware when purchasing.

    Other than that, this device works great and can be operated via your iPhone. Just no Siri or HomeKit support at this time.

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    Not HomeKit Compatible

    Be warned that this device is NOT HomeKit compatible. I am not sure if the Apple HomeKit Marketing team is aware of that fact or not but somehow this device keeps showing up on Apple HomeKit lists. The company itself has been very shady in saying that they will introduce HomeKit compatibility via a Firmware upgrade. The reality is their security standards are too low to pass the Apple test so they will need to upgrade the hardware which means you should not buy this device yet and wait for the new version to come out or better yrt, wait for a startup to develop a better one.

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    Good device but no HomeKit support

    Company would not answer the question of Homekit support. I purchased it because I want homekit support, instead of coming out clear and answer the question... they won't. Most likely, I would have to buy a different hub for it to support homekit if it ever supports it. At the moment, i'm going to return it until they make a homekit support promise.. otherwise I know i'll be screwed by having to buy additional hub to make it work. Not ready yet!

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    How hard is it for ANYONE to make a garage door opener that is actually homekit compatible??? Why is this so hard?

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    Does not work out of the box with HomeKit

    Regardless of the fact that it is in Apple's home kit list it does not work with home kit. If you are a hacker you can get it to work using homebridge, but you need to set it up on a server.

    Chamberlain claims they will make it home kit compatible with a firmware upgrade but they have been claiming that for over a year and form my understanding they will probably require a hardware upgrade to go along with it. In other words you would have to buy a new one.

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    No Siri Integration

    This is supposedly Homekit Compatible, but it is not Siri Compatible. Siri and Homekit will NOT recognize this device. I have no physical issues with the product so far and the app works fine.

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    Good in theory, really, really bad in practice

    Here's the net from 10-12 hours and 3 calls to Chamberlin:

    1) Don't place the gateway near the garage motor head. Place it on the wall to your house closest to your wi-fi router. This will increase signal strength to your router, and decrease the RF interference caused by placing it too close to the motor head. If you have the RF interference, you won't be able to program it properly and the RF interference will interfere with operation of the garage door.

    2) Get used to resetting the gateway to factory settings, re-pairing with your iphone on an on-going basis. The network handshake of the gateway is very finicky and you will get it set up properly and then it will lose its network connection and you have to reconfigure.

    This is a problem because if the gateway loses its network connection and you don't know it you can get a false reading on the door (it could be open when the app says it is closed) or you may not be able to close the door remotely until you have reconfigured the gateway.

    Product is a "nice idea" but it needs a lot of improvement before it is reliable enough to have confidence in what it is suppose to do.

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    this works perfectly...

    Sometimes I accidentally leave my garage door open, and even when I remember to close it I'm not 100% confident it is closed... So, I purchased this item hoping that it would enable me to relax... The unit installed quickly (about 15 minutes) and immediately worked... I now can see if my garage door is open or closed from anywhere in the world... I can also open or close the garage from anywhere, which is very handy when I forgot to close the door or I need to let someone into my house when I'm away... This is a home run product, simple, inexpensive (worth every penny) and it solves a common problem... I see there is one bad review for this product that stated the reason behind the poor rating is because an unauthorized code was picked up during setup process. This is a ridiculous reason to give a poor review as 1. it is the garage door opener that picked up the stray code not the MyQ unit and 2. The solution to this problem is simple, just retrain the garage door opener (which involves pushing 2 whole buttons, one on the opener and one on the controller and it takes an entire 30 seconds to do)... Bottom line, if you want to be able to control your garage door via your phone, get this awesome piece of tech...

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    Do not buy

    I purchased this product for my Genie garage door opener. The setup was simple but getting this app/product to work was intermittent. The app only allows one user to register for the product. So if you share your garage with others they have to use your log-in credentials to operate the garage door with this app. The help desk wasn't helpful at all in addressing why the app worked intermittently despite having a strong wifi signal. I'm hoping a new and better product becomes available soon.

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    Great overall but there are connectivity issues

    This product works great but there are reliability issues specifically related to remaining connected to WiFi. The device does exactly what is advertised. I have very expensive bicycles in my garage and love the feature that it will warn me if the garage is left open (alarms are user definable) and I can close the door remotely. But the unit keeps disconnecting from WiFi episodically and attempts to reconnect it can be very frustrating. I have had to perform factory-resets multiple times and then the sequence of re-establishing a connection have not always worked and require repeated attempts. On two occasions I even suspect the device opened my garage door on its own relating to loss of connection. One might suggest the problem is with my WiFi environment in the house however I have multiple other connected devices that never loose connection including surveillance cameras, thermostat, pool controllers, security system, aquarium lighting, generator monitoring, Apple TV, iPads, iPhones, computers etc and none of these other devices every lose connections the way the MyQ garage opener does. The signal is excellent and even relocating the device did not improve the problem. My garage door opener is MyQ compatible. So in summary, I love the features and simplicity of use however reliability of the WiFi connection has been a recurrent problem.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Great toy! Unreliable product !

    I was looking for a product like this for a long time.
    I some time forget to close my garage door when I leave home for work.

    I bought this product from online Apple store, bought an additional airport express to improve the wifi signal then I installed it yesterday.
    Although installation instruction was not that great. It required me to create an account with the vendor .
    I was very excited, it worked like a charm.
    I was able to check the status and open and close my garage door from my office.

    Unfortunately, this evening after I returned home, the app stalled and failed to log onto my account, after multiple time rebooting my iPhone and the app, it gave an error message.
    When I search the error number in the online vendor site - it means unable to connect to the device, wait a few minute and then try later.

    I checked the wireless signal in my garage it was excellent.. I had to park my car outside,
    After multiple attempt over 15 minutes, I entered home through my front door (luckily I had my front door key with me today).

    Open the door using the manual switch inside the garage.
    One hour later, the app started to work again

    I learn my lesson, yes it is a cool device. NOT PRACTICAL..
    You need more dependable product for locking and unlocking your main entrance.
    Sorry, I am going to return it tomorrow

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    Great...When it Works

    MyQ worked fine for a week when I laid it on the side before mounting it to the ceiling. Once I committed to a spot and drilled the holes things went downhill. In various instances:

    *The app wouldn't open the door.
    *The app wouldn't close the door.
    *If I closed the door with the wall button the app would get confused and say the door was still open, and the rules to remind me that the door was still open would continue to nag me.
    *The app opened the door, but once I tried to close it the unit would beep (alerting you that the door is about to close)...and the door remained open.
    *Error messages stating MyQ lost its connection.

    Power cycling the unit resolves in each case, and I even relocated the unit away from the garage motor to minimize interference. This works for a week or two, then issues pop up again. Restoring to factory settings and starting over also helps for a couple weeks, then falls off the wagon.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    wow - outSTANDingly terrible

    It should work right tout of the box. It. Does. Not. Plug it in. Blue light flashes, seems to connect. Blue light is steady=connected to wifi. go to app - app says not connected. I try again. I try with bluetooth. I reset to factory defaults. Try again and again. and again and again.Two hours later - I look on the Chamberlain website - no help. I search the internet - BAD idea. I find dozens of reviews by people with the same connection issues.

    Back to the store it goes. NOT ready for prime time. ATTENTION MyQ ENGINEERS: It HAS to work each time, every time right out of the box. If it does not, you have made an error. Return to the drawing board. This is a good idea with a laughably, ridiculously frustrating execution.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very efficient & convenient!

    Setup was very easy! I got it up and running within about 7 minutes. Only think I wish it had HomeKit with Siri support. After looking at chamberlain websites, it does say they are working on it with a software update!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to set up, and works fine.

    This took less then 5 min to set up, connected to my network with no issues and works perfect. My issues are with no home kit integration and the app is a bit slow to recognize, but all in all happy wit the product.

    I think there is not way to upgrade the firmware to allow a home kit integration so I will just use it till it dies then get something else.

    Hopefully Apple will decide to get off the couch and start making some home automation 1st party products.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    simple and effective

    Ive tried other solutions, but the MyQ just works. And it was incredibly easy to install- just a power cable and press the program button on my unit. no wiring necessary.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    OK by industry standards but...

    So, this is a hardware and software combination. The garage door controller, the part reviewed here, says that it's universal. I don't know, I only used it with a Liftmaster operator which is a Chamberlain product and it worked fine. Still, the idea of a controller that connects to your wifi network and basically duplicates your clicker is, in my opinion, a pretty elegant solution. In the docs, there's a long list of manufacturers that it works with but there are no guarantees.

    Actually putting up the controller is pretty simple *but* I have two garage doors and this system only comes with *one* door sensor (how the system knows that the door is open or now). I had to call Chamberlain (Liftmaster) and work my way through their voicemail system to figure out how to purchase the second sensor. The on-line support was, actually, pretty friendly and helpful and once I got to the right place, they were able to do the entire transaction over the phone and everything went fine. But you'd think that Chamberlain would figure out a way that you could order the extra sensor from the web site.

    So, like I said, hanging all the hardware is very straight forward. Problem is the software and software/hardware interaction is pretty difficult to maneuver. I fiddled with it a lot and, finally, after basically resetting everything (controller, door operators, everything) back to zero, got it to work. At one point I had to leave it and come back after dinner. But I did get everything working.

    So now it's all working and going out at the beginning of the day works fine. I use the software to open and close the garage door. Please note that I have an Airport Express in the garage so wifi, you would think, is accessible all the time. Like I said, going out in the morning works fine, if you don't mind sitting in your car in the drive way for a little before the door closes.

    But coming back in the evening - not so much. Certainly not to the point where I would turn my spouse loose with this system. I have another company's alarm system and that works not over wifi but over cellular (sometimes). I try to time it so that the system is off as I'm driving up to the house. *But* before I can open the door, I must make sure that my phone has connected to my wifi network. The software for this system only works with wifi so if you're on cellular when you drive up, it throws an error and then I need to entirely kill the process to, make sure to connect to my wifi, and then restart the process to get it connect. And sometimes, it won't even let me use my passcode, throwing me all the way back to my logon and password. And when it does that, it forgets my passcode so I have to remember to reenter it. And round and round we go.

    Apple would never release a software/hardware combination that is this rough.

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