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    I installed mine about a month ago and it installed easy, looks good and is a cool concept.
    It only works 50 percent of the time and when it does it's slow. Quicker just to use your key which I
    end up digging out the other 50 percent of the time anyway.
    Sometimes it works when you don't want it to if you accidentally touch it when the door is open.
    I'm probably going to get rid of it and go with a button code one...

    Wait for the next version!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Slow, works only sometimes

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    I recently purchased a Kevo which I promptly returned for the following reasons:

    - The unlocking/locking process didn't seem to quite work. Sometimes it would work right away, but other times it was take AGES. Also, sometimes I would have to keep swiping the app for it to work. Isn't the point of this thing to make life EASIER?

    - I noticed that the outside is made of a cheap plastic. I'm worried that someone is going to slam the door, and the cover will just come off and shatter.

    I think smart locks are a really cool concept, but I'm going to wait until something else comes out or until Kevo gets their act together.

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