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    Light, sturdy and looks good.

    • Written by from NAPLES

    The description provided for the product in the specifications is all true. It is a great way to protect your iPad mini and also keep the weight and bulk to a minimum. I don't like having a cover over the front since I use mine with the apple bluetooth keyboard mounted on an origami workstation cover. Plus I don't like the Smart Cover. Magnets are not a good way to secure a protective cover to this beautiful device. I also have a protective screen on the front of the ipad. The only drawback to this case is that there is a large portion of one side left unprotected, this is where the Smart Cover magnet would attach. As you're looking at the ipad in portrait mode, it would be the left side. If they made two versions of it, one for the Smart Cover and one without, it would be ideal. That is my only complaint but I will not detract from the rating because of that. It goes on easily and has great tactile grip.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    No worries, light and protective

    • Written by from Westlake

    I have had this case/cover on my iPad Mini/R, in conjunction with Apple's iPad Mini Smart Cover for 6 weeks now. Yes, the Tech 21 cover is made to allow the Apple Smart Cover to work properly with it on iPads. This cover is also very light and does not bulk-up the iPad thickness much at all for the protection it gives.

    To boil it all down quickly: I don't believe that you can find a better product to protect your iPad, Mini or otherwise (I have one on our iPad Air now also).

    This back/sides case has unique built-in corner/sides bumpers and a protective back. It is not hard plastic, but a much more forgiving product.

    So far I have dropped my Mini flat on it's back on concrete from about 3-4', and on its edge/corner from 2-3'. No harm, no foul, good design!

    I am so impressed by this product that I also purchased a similarly made Tech 21 Case for my Macbook Pro 15/R..

    Tech 21 has made the Speck cases and other cases like Speck obsolete. Those cases give no "drop protection", only scratch protection.

    I am just a consumer and I have no ties to Tech 21. I am obviously a very favorably impressed user of Tech 21 products./

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