• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Never wrote a review before -- this is best and made me use my iPad again

    Better than anything I tied before, turns your iPad into something different, ubiquitous tool, less stress on your hands and muscles, incredible work tool. I tried and used a lot of other cases, including Smart Cover and Case.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    One of the best cases I've used w/every iPad

    Don't often review apple product accessories but this case is worthy. I purchased mine at the 5th Avenue store in NYC while on a business trip. Needed a new wireless hotspot on Verizon so I got an iPad with Verizon service...yeah, my fiancee shook her head too, no shame.

    While in the store (May 13, 2014) I found the Native Union Gripster Case when I went to pick up a Smart Case and gave it a quick look over. One of the Geniuses said I could take the case out and handle it, so I did. Definitely different than anything I'd used before and far more useful than the others I'd used as well. When laying in bed, the grip on the back rotates/clicks into place, making it comfortable in nearly any relaxing position without constantly gripping the ipad or holding your arm above your head.

    Car Travel: When waiting for the ol' lady in the car, the stand of the gripster can hang off the steering wheel while browsing/watching things on the iPad. My fiancee (always "lets" me drive) loves the hand grip but will flip out the stand and let the ipad hang on the door of the window when she starts rummaging through her purse or other bags.

    Air Travel: In the terminal, the grip slides under my carryon bag handle so it doesn't fall off if your bag gets nudged. When I'm on the plane, I take one of my fiancee's thick hair thingies (like a sturdy rubber band) and loop it around the gripster stand and it will hang from the tray table latch; useful for when they make you put your tray table up or you are using the table for other things. I love this thing for travel!

    Sturdy Hand Strap (tight and high quality)
    Sturdy Stand
    Variable Angles
    Variable Heights
    Variable Orientation
    Works with the Apple Smart Cover (not smart case)

    Cons: (I'll call it a half con)
    Security tab on upper left corner sometimes comes 1/2 way up, not causing a concern, just something I noticed on mine.

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    I am a museum docent giving tours to large groups with an iPad. So, I need a handle on the back to pan the image to the group. I've used several kinds of cases with a handle on the back. I like this one the best because it is slim, fits in my bag, AND it also has a handle for carrying that becomes a stand. Now, I don't need two different cases, one for the museum and one for home. INGENIOUS!

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