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    Not confident in the waterproofness of this waterproof case.

    Went swimming with the phone in my pocket properly secured in the case. Went to use it after I got out and it was totally waterlogged. DOA I'm afraid.

    Couldn't tell you why it flooded but I have always been very uncomfortable with the screen being exposed to water and have had problems before with the phone looking wet to the point where I was concerned after I took it out the case (on another occasion I had an error come up on the phone saying this accessory is not supported when there was no accessory plugged in which I know is a sure sign water is at play).

    I would use this product as a tough case that would probably save your phone if you got caught in a downpour or fell into the drink. I have used the Fre previously and feel more confident with this phone as something that I can use under the water. I also find the screen easier to use even though it has the plastic cover (and it's more protective).

    It's also almost impossible to swipe from the bottom with the Nuud as the case is too think to properly touch the screen.

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