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    Fantastic case and great protection

    This case is fantastic, I'm very surprised by some of the reviews on here. If you're just an everyday goer who's looking for superior protection and a care free mindset as to what happens to your phone, this is the case. I don't rock climb, or mountain bike or do any extreme sports; but like 90% of the customer population, this case is superior to everyday drops, slips, spills and accidents. Highly recommend this case to everyone.

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    Have been using Lifeproof for years!

    I have used Lifeproof cases for my last 3 iPhones and would still never buy any other case. Now that they have the "nuud" series the problem of the screen protector isn't an issue at all since the screen is open. I have dropped my phone many, many times and never had a phone break or mess up. I also work in health care so I LOVE being able to come home from work and literally wash my phone in the sink with this case on. The BEST part is the warranty. Maybe I am just rough on the cases, but I have had a few that start leaking water or get cracks. And with the warranty, they replace the case, quick delivery, no questions asked! The company is great and I love Lifeproof.

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    a necessary evil, but at least the the screen is bare!

    In a perfect world, your phone would come water resistant from the factory. This is the next best thing.

    My world comes with rain, snow, dust, food & all sorts of living-the-good-life stuff that alas are toxic to an unprotected iPhone. Including our two darling toddlers. :)

    I love how sleek & elegant my iPhone is with a minimal case, but that's just not an option at this point in our lives. This case is big and clunky, but that's the price of ensuring that my iPhone will live to see another day. This case is hands-down so much nicer than those cases that put a thin bubbly layer of plastic between you & the super sexy slickness that is a top-of-the-line modern touchscreen. I wouldn't swim with a case like this (duh!), but my iPhone has survived repeated dunkings (accidental and the occasional underwater photo) just fine.

    Until Apple offers a water resistant phone, this is by far the best way to go!

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