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    This case was tested as described in the manual included in the product packaging and it tested fine. Once the phone was placed inside and re-sealed and tested, the case leaked a small amount of water at a depth 18 inches for 10 seconds. It was enough to trigger the water detection on the iPhone 6, and caused the phone to completely shut down and not work. The fine print in the pamphlet indicates they do NOT warranty against any device if their own product fails. (Class Action Lawsuit anyone?)

    I took it to Best Buy where the case was purchased, who shamefully claimed that they had no recourse other than to replace/refund the case. but the phone death was not their problem. I have a serious problem with a reseller selling a product with specific standards and promises on the packaging, then when the product fails they claim no responsibility.

    Took the phone to T-Mobile and paid the deductible of $175 for a replacement phone.

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    Dont buy this case

    I bought this case for a recent trip. It was never submersed in the water and it got water in it from just being splashed even though I did the testing before I put the phone in it. This ruined my phone and the response from lifeproof was even though it say waterproof on the box they don't warranty the phone.

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    Not confident in the waterproofness of this waterproof case.

    Went swimming with the phone in my pocket properly secured in the case. Went to use it after I got out and it was totally waterlogged. DOA I'm afraid.

    Couldn't tell you why it flooded but I have always been very uncomfortable with the screen being exposed to water and have had problems before with the phone looking wet to the point where I was concerned after I took it out the case (on another occasion I had an error come up on the phone saying this accessory is not supported when there was no accessory plugged in which I know is a sure sign water is at play).

    I would use this product as a tough case that would probably save your phone if you got caught in a downpour or fell into the drink. I have used the Fre previously and feel more confident with this phone as something that I can use under the water. I also find the screen easier to use even though it has the plastic cover (and it's more protective).

    It's also almost impossible to swipe from the bottom with the Nuud as the case is too think to properly touch the screen.

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    can you hear me now?

    Though protective this case may be, I get nothing but complaints from people saying they can't hear me!

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    hate it

    Can't speak to waterproof but you will more than likely be using yours dry. It makes using the keyboard very awkward. Any characters along the edges are always either missing or just wrong because your finger will keep bumping into the case. I do not have 'freakishly large hands', just average lady hands. Second, forget about just plugging in your earbuds to listen to music or to make a quick private call. There's this awkward adaptor you have to attach first (supposedly so it remains waterproof?). Just awkward to install and then uninstall do that you can listen to music in the bus/plane/whatever. I suspect this attachment is why the mic on my earbuds doesn't actually work. I was kind of carpetbagged by the salesman into buying this one since I was about to leave town for a wedding and my kid was just graduating that night AND my phone had just died. Buyer beware! Avoid at all costs!!!

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    I would give this a zero if i could.

    After having new iphone 6 and the Nuud case (supposed to be water proof) for 2 months, took it canoeing. Water got in the boat and on the case, sat in a small puddle for about ten minutes. Killed my iphone. i complained to life proof. Even after only having it two months the best they would offer was to replace the case. HA. No thanks. So I lost $600, plus an extra $100 for the case. And the case probably cost 50cents to make.

    ALSO, just before this happened i ordered the waterproof ipad case. got it in the mail a few days after this accident. Did the water proof test and the ipad case leaked a little bit of water too. And trust me I made sure both cases were on tight and properly.

    Life Proof is garbage. Do not buy anything from them and pass this message on to your friends. Save everyone the trouble and money.

    i would recommend Otter Box. I regret not going with it first.

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    Lifeproof nuud case

    I have had this case just over a year now and the case has split by the silent switch so it leaks. All the soft rubber around the edge is wearing away. For the money I paid it is just not good enough. Not worth the inflated price!

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    My case was checked before I got on boat and sure enough it went in water. I could see water in back of clear case. Took it apart and totally waterlogged . This simply does not work in water. I plan to start writing letters to BBB , apple, life-proof . This is false advertising

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    waste of money

    Everyone tell me I sound as if I am in a tunnel, I have to take the case off to be heard clearly. Will go back to Otter Box.

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    Overall pleased

    I've had this case for about 8 months and have been very pleased with it. I don't use it underwater (not sure how well it would work with a touch screen anyways), but have dropped it in a couple puddles and in the bath a couple times and did not have a problem... and in the snow a few too many times now that I think about it. More consistently, I use the waterproof feature in the shower for music and take runs while its raining/snowing without having any issues, which has been great to not have to worry about. I've had iPods die in the past because it will start randomly down pouring during a run (if you live in CO, you'll understand how fast the weather can change!), and this was the main reason I bought this case... and it has been well worth it.

    Last week I had my first problem: a cracked corner of the case from a few feet drop. Granted, I have dropped it fairly consistently and have not had a problem except for this one time. I called their customer service, and truly am beyond pleased. A couple of the letters on my serial number are smudged and aren't really legible, and the representative spent a half hour with me on the phone trying to put every combination of letters where the smudged number were until we figured it out. They provided a new one covered under warranty at the cost of a shipping fee. Seriously, terrific customer service.

    I would give it 5 stars based off of my own experience. I'm giving it 4 stars, however, because I have had friends who have dropped theirs with the phone shattering, but the case unharmed... or had issues with the water sealing. In these cases, Lifeproof does not cover any damage to the phone itself: it only covers their case. Additionally, I have a difficult time hearing some people with these cases while talking on the phone (pretty much sounds like they are down a well), but I have not had this issue myself.

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    Do not buy! Expensive and worthless

    I bought two when I bought me and my son's new IPhones. The first time my son took his into the water (not deep) he saw dots of water inside his case. Took it back to the store where i paid $100 for his and they said there was no guarantees on the case or the phone if it was ruined. On mine, the soft plastic on the silencer crumbled from having to turn my sound off at work rendering it worthless after 3 months. Too expensive for such cheap manufactured trash!

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    This case is terrible, my second one and it's broken again. Screen has scratches, and the sound is all muffled because dirt gets in it. HOW THE HECK IS DIRT GETTING IN WHEN ITS FULLPROOF? PLUS THE SCREEN DOESNT CLEAN VERY WELL SO WHEN YOU HAVE OCD LIIE ME YOU WANT TO SUE LIFEPROOF WHEN IT ISNT COMING OFF. Don't but this case if you do you clearly didn't read this

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    Adapters are bad!!

    The adapters don't fit anything, had to order a different case to use my earpiece.

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    I've always been vary careful with my phone. When
    I got the. Life proof, I was happy bc I can be very clumsy. I was just walking In my house…....ON CARPET…I dropped it and my screen and camera and completely broken. Do not buy this product

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    I bought this product 2 yrs. when my wife gave me the IPHONE 5S. The Associate from a Phone provider recommended it to me. At first I was impress with the looks and it looks like it would protect my phone from dirt to water. It's not the case I tried to wash it with soap n water n notice water was inside the case. So, I opened it n wipe the phone with dry cloth. To make my story short after 4 months of used the rubber on the side starts coming off n went to Phone provider to have it replace no question ask they replace it right away but after 2 months I have the same problem the rubber on the sides starting to come off again I'm not paying $100 for this product it's not even worth $20 at least I never got to replace it again I had it with this product. I'll give the money I paid as a donation for a piece of garbage product. Never again I wouldnt invest my money to them.

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    Was very excited on finally upgrading my phone to a IPHONE 6 plus a month ago. Wanted to protect it so I bought the very expensive "life proof" case. Dropped my phone in the water for literally a minute and my phone was destroyed! I called the life proof to explain to them the situation and the only thing they could do was send me a new one! What am I going to do with the new case? Put it on my waterlogged phone! Do not I repeat do not buy there product!!

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    NOT waterproof

    I feel in love with this case as soon as I saw it and to my surprise I got it for Christmas the following month which was 12/25/2016. However, on 4/28/16 my lifeproof case let me down damaging my phone, causing water damage and an unexpected expense of $320.00 since I had to purchase a new phone. My little sister got my phone in the KIDS pool which wasn't even 2ft deep and according to the case description it's waterproof up to 6.6 ft.I was more disappointed about the fact the case didn't work as stated than anything else. My vacation was ruined and I had to cope to the fact I was phone less in another country. I hope you guys either take that off the description or better these cases because water does get in.

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    I couldn't call people on the phone with this case... making my phone useless.

    Nobody could understand me when I was using my iPhone SE with the case on. Everyone told me I sounded like I was in a tunnel. I took the case off and everyone heard me clear as day. I tried multiple troubleshooting techniques online and none of them worked. Poorly designed $100 piece of equipment.

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    Fantastic case and great protection

    This case is fantastic, I'm very surprised by some of the reviews on here. If you're just an everyday goer who's looking for superior protection and a care free mindset as to what happens to your phone, this is the case. I don't rock climb, or mountain bike or do any extreme sports; but like 90% of the customer population, this case is superior to everyday drops, slips, spills and accidents. Highly recommend this case to everyone.

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