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    Blue Spark Disappointment.

    • Written by from Arab

    This was labeled as a studio microphone, which was a more generous statement than Mother Theresa. I should not have to nearly yell for this to pick me up from 1.5-2 inches from my lips at max input and mic settings.

    The threading on the microphone stand was not done correctly, so the microphone did not go in as expected.

    Then I realized that the casing of the microphone was not even attached properly, it easily moves up and down and shows exposed electronics at the top and bottom when it does.

    The sound quality was muted and strange, it did NOT sound clear. I feel infuriated at the cost of this product with SO MANY failures involved. I've had a ten dollar microphone that sounded better and was more receptive than this!

    I will be returning this product.

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