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    Too noisy and it slows down my entire computer. When I wake my computer up it takes twice as long now, and the thing clicks all the time. It was a waste of money and because I paid so much I am putting up with it, but one of these days I am going to have to replace it.
    I have many other external hard drives and they don't make any noise at all. Thank you.

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    Good drive which could be great with minor changes

    Very happy with the performance of the drive.
    I don't have the noise issue I have read others have.

    One improvement would be a second Thunderbolt port for daisy chaining. I know there is a price tradeoff, so I can live with this.

    My only real complaint about the drive is the power/activity light on the front.
    Why must they use such bright lights? If you leave your Mac on or it wakes since you're using iTunes and Home Sharing, the drive will light up your room considerably. I wish they would take cues from Apple and use the small pinhole LEDs.

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    Works wonderfully. Have saved my data in a pinch. but it is far too loud. wakes me up out of my sleep!!

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    So Loud II ...

    If you are thinking about using this drive with a Mac mini that is set up in a quite room, I believe you would prefer the LaCie drive, which is much quieter. I don't think the noise is as bad as another person implied since if I put this drive next to my Dell workstation, I would never hear the drive above the workstation noise. As with the 3TB LaCie, there is only one Thunderbolt port, so it would be (or have to be) the last device in a chain. I can't speak to reliability yet, but it worked perfectly out of the box.

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    So Loud

    Just bought one of these and it is driving me mad ! It just never shuts up. It is a great hard drive, very fast , but oh the noise. It emits a very loud whooshing noise all the time it is working. Would have had 5 stars otherwise. On the thunderbolt side my USB 3 LaCies are faster.

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    Great Hard Drives

    I've used a 2TB (Firewire) unit as my backup drive for 13 months and a 3TB (Thunderbolt) unit as my iTunes drive for 4 months without any problems. Both units go to sleep when my computer goes to sleep. If the bright, white light bothers you (especially when it is flashing), cover the light fixture with red plastic tape.

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    It is not reliable

    This product is really noisy and lasted only 3 days for me while I was still trying to figure out how to transfer my data from my PC to the hard drive....The fan started to run really fast, then the drive disappeared from the list of devices on my mini mac and once I turned off the device, it never turned on again! At this point I dont know if the hard drive is burnt or the power adapter is not working...I am glad that I did not depend on it 100%!

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    Small Footprint External Storage

    I use this drive with my iMac for photo storage. I like the size as it doesn't take up much desktop space. It comes with a TB and USB 3 cable.

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