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    Its nice..

    • Written by from Louisville

    The ball is nice. Its a bit heavy though. Just a little bit more heavy then a regular soccer ball. It is still like a regular soccer ball, its nice, good quality. Its very helpful, and such, the tips and when it shows where u hit the ball and which part of the foot to use.. ����. I had it for like 2 days, but practiced with it for a while. I would say that its worth it.. I think its just not working for me cause I have POWER stuck in my head, so that thought is kinda stopping the ball from helping. I bet once i get power out of my mind, it'll help me a lot. I know its awesome, very cool. So hey, give it a try. (You'll like it!!!) I definitely think that it will help you, big or small.
    Oh, and this was completely honest. Im not saying that it is bad, and I'm not saying it really, REALLY helps and u gotta buy it, I'm just being honest with my thoughts bout it.

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