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    Love the Jamstik and Zivix!

    I have had this little device for about a week and have already fallen in love with it. I have played all kinds of acoustic guitars for over 40 years, and needed something much smaller and more portable than a regular guitar; to "stay in shape" with, to pick up and play at will while watching TV, and most of all travel with. This really fills the bill. The strings closely approximate the feel of my acoustic (steel string) guitars. It took me a few hours to set it up the way I wanted, so I would encourage you to be patient and especially to check out the website instructions -- they are very comprehensive!

    I knew almost nothing about this device when I got it. I was intrigued to discover its possibilities. You can enable a "string bend" feature, (which I haven't used) the hammer-on feature (which I have used), and customize the strength of the pick stroke that you want the strings to register. It has many "voices" that you can choose from on the the iOS app (downloadable free), including: classical acoustic, steel string, 12-String (which I love), Bass Guitar, Piano, Slow Strings, Pizzicato, Harp, Sitar, Banjo, Saxophone, Music Box and Square Wave. I won't use half of those, but if you're looking for a MIDI device, this may be a great one for you. I think this device is going to facilitate my improvement in all left hand work. I am going to be able to work on some short licks (obviously, limited only by five-fret fretboard -- which is the whole point of the portability element) and develop my "muscle memory"; and I appreciate that the device requires a very clean finger placement, no fudging on fingers bumping into more than one string unless you mean to.

    Finally, customer service is phenomenal. I had a little trouble with the first device I tried and they sent me a new one immediately when I described the problem, no questions asked. Again, be prepared for the fact that there is little written documentation with the device... enjoy getting to know the device by plunking around on it, and then go straight to the website to discover its intricacies and get your questions answered.

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    Fantastic alternative to firing up my twin Orange full stacks

    Seriously. I plug my black Les Paul Standard into my dual rigged Orange full stacks. My cats spray fecal matter in the corner. I wake my kid up. My wife withholds marital favors. All of my neighbors hate me. That is- before I got my hands on a Jamstik+. This is a fantastic Midi control device. The possibilities are endless. I can play this anywhere. Truth be told- I'm not a very good guitar player. This allowed me to practice during odd hours without the authorities knocking on my door. Within a few short weeks my guitar skill level went from that of Lil' Wayne to Gary Clark Jr. I would recommend this to anyone. Thank.

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