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    Makes a corded headset work with iPhone

    Apple does not mention it, but this little adapter makes a standard corded phone headset with a 2.5 mm jack work with the iPhone 3G. I wear hearing aids, so can't use an in the ear or over the ear Bluetooth. But now I can use my corded Panasonic phone headset with my iPhone! Yes!

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    Makes your favorite headset compatible

    One of my frustrations with the iPhone was the lack of plug in telephone headsets. This solves the problem. I am using it with a noise cancelling Plantronics headset and am as happy as can be. Voice and sound quality are both better than with any Bluetooth unit and as good or better than holding the telephone up to your ear.

    Note that the three-contact adapters sold at Radio Shack and other places don't work. I am not sure why, but you need to get this four-contact TTY plug for good voice quality. (see the photo and compare to the others to see what I am talking about).

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    Works with Plantronics headset

    I use this with a Plantronics headset and it works very well. Volume levels incoming are fine and no complaints on the outgoing volume. Occasionally when removing it from the iPhone 3G it activates the iPod current song which is strange. I really like the convenience of using a corded headset sometimes.

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    Adapts Normal Cell/House Phone Headsets 2.5

    This is the ONLY adapter that will allow you to use your regular cell phone wired hands free headsets with the iPhone. It also allows you to use your house phone wired headset with the iPhone. Those use the 2.5 mm pin, and this adapter plugs that into the 3.5 mm that the iPhone uses. But BEWARE, this is the ONLY adapter that will work in the iPhone jack. The ones they sell in Radio Shack look similar, but do NOT work, as they only have two sections on the pin that goes in the iPhone, not the three that are required. The same thing is true of the other adapters you find elsewhere, they just don't work in the iPhone. Save yourself the trouble and just buy this Apple adapter. It's a shame that Apple doesn't advertise this adapter. Apple calls it the TTY adapter, and it does work for TTY (it's a deaf person typing machine), but it is also the ONLY solution for using a wired handsfree headset with the iPhone, and Apple should TELL people that!

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    Finally a solution for B&O Earset 1 users

    In reading some of the other posts about this adapter, I figured i would give it a try. I have the Bang & Olufsen Earsets 1 & 2 - using the Bluetooth at times but when "security" becomes my issue, I use the corded Earset 1. I have purchased a number of adapters in an attempt to piecemeal a way to use the Earset 1, only to either have the total cord length over 10' long (with the Sure adapter) or that I would have to still answer my calls on the iPhone itself. This TTY adapter (2.5mm socket) allows me to answer and hang-up calls without touching the phone. As others have reported, pushing the button on the cord still causes the iPod to begin playing, but I'll just have to deal with that.

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    Works perfectly with older 2.5mm headsets

    This adapter allowed me to use older headsets that are 2.5mm. It is very compact, much better than a non-apple product I had before.

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    Works for Radio Broadcasts too

    Bought this adapter for my JK Audio remote pack that came with a 2.5 mm cell adapter. Works great. I bought two, good think, the first one broke in my phone, second one has held up fine.

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    Even works with a commercial corded headset requiring its own adapter!

    I use a commercial-grade headset that requires one adapter to work with a normal phone and a second, TTY adapter--this one--to work with my iphone. The sound is still perfect. I stock up on these things because they're easy to lose, and perhaps the price dropped recently, but my last two purchases were $29 in-store and, later, $19 online.

    Note that if you ask an Apple store staffer to confirm this, they can't. No one in any Apple store I've visited seems to know that TTY adapters work with corded headsets.

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    Works BUT makes outgoing voice VERY soft

    I purchased a iPhone 3G and this TTY adapter after reading the reviews about this allowing me to use my existing 2.5mm wired headset with my iPhone.

    I will report that it does work. However, my voice is so soft that the party on the receiving end of the call can only hear me if they turn there volume all the way up and are in a very quite environment. If I unplug the headset and talk on the phone directly they can hear me loud and clear.

    This is using the exact same headset that I used on my previous Motorola flip phone that sounded excellent. So it obviously and adapter/phone issue.

    It's a shame that no one feels the need to create a quality wired headset for making phone calls on the iPhone. I could care less about listening to music so a two ear approach is overkill and could be down right dangerous. If I'm driving while using my headset it's important to be able to hear other nosies outside of the context of a phone call. Perhaps that fire truck that's about to blow through the red light and t-bone you if you don't stop on green?

    I have yet to find a blue tooth headset that does not sacrifice sound and voice quality for the sake of convenience or to look cool.

    Call me old fashioned but the "killer" app on any mobile phone should still be a phone!

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    TTY Adapter with Plantronics M114

    I have had the Plantronics M114 head set for a couple years and used it with a Motorola 120t cellular phone with good results. This iPhone TTY adapter allows me to continue to use this headset. I use this combination for work and need both good quality sound to and from the headset. I am very pleased with the results. With the head set microphone set to most sensitive and the head phone volume set to maximum the sound levels are good, for me and for the person I am talking with, with some sound adjustment still available on the iPhone. My iPhone is a 3GS.

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    Hearing Aid compatible headsets work this this TTY adapter

    For all you hearing impaired phone users out there that suffer when trying to navigate the newer cell phones and worry about compatibility with your existing hearing aid compatible telephone accessories. I wear two BTE digital hearing aids with T-coil switches for hearing aid use when on the phone. I often use my Hatis Freedom Mach II headset for my office, home and cell phone telephone use. (The Hatis headsets are great by the way, very strong induction signal and great clarity). Hatis headsets all have 2.5 mm headset jacks and must be adpated to work with the iphone 4S headset jack (special configuration of 3.5 mm jack). This TTY adapter does the trick and works very well as an adapter between my iphone 4S and my Hatis Mach II headsets. I also use it to connect my headsets when listening to recorded books on my ipod and/or iphone.

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    Size correction

    Apple store does not provide clear description of size. This TTY Adapter has a 2.5 mm jack on one end and a 3.5 mm plug on the other side. I am looking at one in front of me. Some who are trying to connect standard headphones to a cordless phone handset or office phone will be looking, instead, for an adapter which has a 3.5 mm jack on one end and a 2.5 mm plug on the other side. I was one of those people. Returned the product to Apple retail store.

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    I purchased this adapter in hope that it would allow me to use a corded headset with a boom microphone for my business. I have to manipulate the adapter by pressing in from the top firmly to hear. Once I release the pressure, I hear nothing. Apple do not have any other headsets with a boom mic, only ear bud or Bluetooth devices. If some could offer a solution or suggestion, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Doesn't work on my 3G

    I just bought this along with a plantronics corded headset. The microphone does not work with the adapter, only the audio on my end. What's going on? Oddly enough, it works on my blackberry. I hope it works with my new 4S that is coming tomorrow. Otherwise, It's going back to Apple and I will be very upset.

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    Quite Nice

    Nice to know lastely apple has introduced a compatible adapter

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