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    I do inventory at work and got this keyboard for my comp there and i love it like no other by far the best i have ever owned.

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    Love This Keyboard

    I ordered this when I purchased my new iMAC because I do a good amount of work with numbers on a variety of tasks. The number pad makes it so easy it's a joy. I'm glad I made the purchase. Unfortunately, I had to order it on line and therefore had to order the iMAC on line; I would have preferred to make the purchase at the Apple Store.. Why isn't it available through the Apple Store?

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    Great Keyboard

    Fantastic key board use it all day every day and does not miss a beat, keys all very easy to use leaves standard keyboards for dead. A bluetooth keyboard with numeric keyboard would be even better.

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    Nice Keyboard

    This keyboard is not just nice but really functional. It is a typical Mac keyboard where the keys are just slightly closer so your fingers don't travel as far like with traditional keyboards. Soft touch, so you don't have to pound on the keys like the older Mac keyboard. Keys are still white and they get a little discolored, but I just unplug the keyboard and hit it with a degreaser and it is bright white again. All around a great keyboard.

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    It's a lovely piece of kit to work with, awesome!

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    Best keyboard out there

    I don´t know any other keyboard that can beat the design and comfortable feeling that this keyboard deliever. The buttons are easy and soft to type on, because underneath the buttons there are plastic bumpers that generates a very soft down-press-feeling. I also like the 2 USB inputs and the special-function keys to acess dashboard, exposé, itunes, volume etc. The construction quality feels solid, robust and exclusive. Like the heavy weight. Buy! :D

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    A Great Keyboard from a Great Company

    I have to admit that I had my doubts when purchasing this keyboard a few weeks ago. Since retailers in my country (Greece) are awuful, I've bought it used from an online store. I think it's one of the best purchases I've ever made. I'm using a non-Mac computer running windows 7 but everything works perfctly except from some specialised keys from Mac, even the windows key works perfectly by pressing the cmd button. The keystroke is just perfect for evey use and transform typing from a chore to pleasure. The design of this keyboard is like from another planet and it's size is just perfect no matter how small or big your desk might be. The only thing that can be improved is the spacebar feeling which is not so good like all other keys. To sum up this is a great keyboard for all kind of users from secretairies to hardcore gamers.

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    Great KeyBoard

    This is a overall great keyboard i just got it today and i love it!!! It is the best keyboard i have ever useed.

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    is a great keyboard

    this keyboard is the best yes i am a apple fan the biggest fan or all apple history if I had to chose a keyboard I would choose this keyboard it is very thin and powerful and really easy to use this keyboard is number one this is the best keyboard I have ever used so if you want to buy a keyboard I prefer this one if I had to give stars I would give a billon of stars.

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    Great keyboard

    I've been using this keyboard for just under 2 years and I've never had any problems. It's a great design ... very easy to use and very comfortable.

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    Great design! Compact and useful! Wonderful touch! I love it. It's brilliant!

    I am using this keyboard with my Mac Book Pro and a 23" monitor. Turns my laptop into a full featured desktop.

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    Great Keyboard in both form and function

    This keyboard is stylish and responsive. My wife used to type out notes for her job and she loves how smooth and fast the keyboard is. It has increased her typing speed noticably. Also I love the itunes controls on the top and the eject button for my Mac mini being on the keyboard. All in all this is a great buy.

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    Simple but Powerful

    I have recently bought this keyboard to allow me to clear up not only my desk but to use it specifically with final cut pro. I really love the fact that this is very useful and that the usb works perfectly with my portable external drive and also my ipod touch at the same time. Thanks apple for once again coming up with a useful and powerful at the same time beautiful product. Im please. Buy this is you want the best wire keyboard ever, you won't be disappointed.

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    Solid keyboard with solid platform

    We have used our Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad for over a year and have done much day to day work with it along with it handling the rigors of five children learning to use the machine day in and day out. Other than it getting a dirty face periodically that requires some mild cleaning, the keyboard has never failed us and works and continues to behave like a champ.

    One issue we have noted is the difficulty in plugging in USB peripherals thanks to the tight profile beneath the top face of the keyboard. This means that while most Apple as well as many third party USB cable connections work, many USB flash drives may not fit these ports that are beneath the keyboard face. While that is unfortunate, thanks to the numerous USB ports on our machine that has not been a problem in our case.

    This is a solid, ergonomic, well engineered product that we are happy to use every day.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    A reply to the frustrated interior designer.

    I have a MacBook Pro, and this keyboard is almost exactly the same. So why did I get it? Because it offered the number pad. I work with the number pad very frequently on computers so I decided to get this one. I love the soft feel of pressing on the keys in laptops, and this is exactly like that--except it's a keyboard!

    The spacing was never a problem for me, but I have heard complaints about over spacing the keys. Why your function keys did not work is a mystery. In Mac OS X Leopard, you should be able to configure the keyboard any way you like, whether it's shortcuts, spaces, or expose. This allows any user to use shortcuts without having to press on the "fn" key.

    Comfy typing
    Customizable shortcuts
    Two USB ports
    Ultra slim

    No illuminated keyboard
    Keys too spaced out (for some)
    No wireless version

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    To the architect, HB, from SOUTH WINDSOR

    You are clearly not quite up on the functionality of the Mac OS system because if you were you would know that if you go to >System Preferences>Keyboard> you can set > Use all F keys are standard keyboard functions. Since that's the way you are used to. You can then use the fn key for the secondary controls, itunes, britness ect...

    As for typing, this keyboard is great for anyone who is used to typing on a laptop, or people like me who use it for photo shop, and have to hit various cross the keyboard combination to for different short cuts. You and your wife probably have trouble because you have been soo used to typing on standard style keyboards for soo, long and your fingers muscle memory is fixed to that configuration. And of yes, its a great keyboard, and I love it.

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    Recovery from Disaster

    I have two of the new low profile keyboards; one for home and one for the office.

    Over the years I have consistently violated the number one law of keyboarding: keep your drinks away from your Mac. Good advise, but advise I frequently ignore.

    Every now and then, Murphy steps in to remind me that rules are generally born from experience.

    I was at home, on the phone. A full tumbler of sweet tea on my desk. I spun my chair around and inadvertently knocked over my tea.

    Splash. My keyboard was swimming in sweet tea. Emergency procedures. I unplugged it immediately and wiped it down as best I could.

    Two days later, keys started sticking. Uh Oh. I saw another $49 coming out of my budget. Given that option, I decided to perform radical surgery.

    I filled my kitchen sink with hot water and completely submerged the keyboard. Then, I worked the keys under water to loosen the dried tea. I left the keyboard submerged for about 15 minutes, worked the keys again and then pulled it out, dried it off as best I could and placed it on my whiteboard tray on end. At the end of the first day, I pulled it off the tray. Some water had accumulated, I wiped down the keyboard and stood it back on the tray, reversing the original position. At the end of the second day, same thing, I wiped off the residual water and reversed the position.

    After three days, I could not see any more water anywhere and put the keyboard back in service. I am thrilled to announce that my beautiful low profile keyboard is working like new.

    Incredible. Think I'll save that $49 for the next cool thing to come from Apple.

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    MY FIRST...


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    best key board ever

    Simply plug it in and go- it looks wonderful on your desk and it shines and works great. Every key works without effort. It GREAT, you need to get one.

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    Favorite keyboard by far

    I went with the wired keyboard for the full-size layout and it is absolutely worth being "tethered". This is the most pleasant soft-touch keyboard I've ever used, just enough feedback to feel like I'm really typing, while light enough to let my fingers fly. Why isn't there a wireless version of the full-size layout?

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