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    Seriously, I love the keys on my MacBook, and when I found out I could have them on my Mac Pro I just had to have it. Excellent in all aspects!

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    LOVE IT!!!!!

    The creative team at our favorite fruit store have struck gold with this awesome keyboard. It takes a few minutes to get used to it, but once you do, you will be glad you bought it. No dirt, eye lash hairs, funky food particles to drop into the hard to clean places. This keyboard is slick, small, functional, useful and just plain well thought out! Thanks Apple Inc. This product is a welcome change to the same old stuff!

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    Best keyboard ever!

    My old Apple keyboard was starting to miss entire words when I was typing. I tried this keyboard at the Apple store in NY and instantly fell in love with it so much that I was emailing as many people as possible because it made typing so much fun. My only gripe is that the keys are slightly further apart than the old keyboard. But the good thing is that these keys are more forgiving so you can tap just the corner and it still seems to catch the letter. Awesome.

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    I've been putin off gettin a new keyboard for some time.
    Then when I saw this at the Apple Store online, and I got my credit from my iPhone for the store, well guess what?

    I got one on order and it came in today, I and my family said WOW!!! I just love this keyboard! I like the options and the feel, and I can actually type instead of hunt and peck!
    Apple has done well on this one!

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    I had the older model bluetooth keyboard, and it was nasty over time. I didn't want to spend the time cleaning it out, and then this little beauty came out! I bought this without hesitation and I love it! I like not having to change the AA batteries every couple of months, and the overall comfort of this keyboard could not be better! It is easier to type on for long periods of time, and the keys don't make any noise if you were to be in a dorm type of situation.

    I really don't think there is a better "wired" keyboard!

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    Simply the best keyboard!

    This is simply the best keyboard I ever used. Elegant looking, excellent typing feel, and very quiet! Love it!

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    Great Keyboard The Best I Ever Had!

    I like the keyboard's great look. It looks very thin. I can put it in a small place.

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    Absolutely love this keyboard, I'm so used to using the function keys assigned on my MacBook Pro, but I'm getting used to the new layout.

    One thing I don't understand is why Apple had to make the USB extension cord exclusive for the keyboard - I think that's a little ridiculous. I didn't even know it came with the keyboard and when I saw it I thought, "cool, I can extend my usb cable for my iPod" won't work, though. Ah well

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    This Keyboard is so thin that it thinner then my Powerbook G4 Laptop...It's the Lamborgini of the keyboards...the touch of the keys is sofe to the touch ...Beautifully sculptured look of the aluminium body and not a heavey keyboard att all !!.....Apple You've Got Another Winner!!!!
    And I like to say that I ordered my keyboard on Thursday Sept 20th and got it the next day...That Was Fast!!!!....."I Give This Product 10 stars but I know I can only give is 5 stars"

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    If You Complain You Are Crazy

    I have been using a Mac in the Ad Agency business since the very early 90's. This is the best keyboard ever imagined. If you complain about this keyboard then you must be a previous PC user and only need a computer to do spread sheets. I hooked this up to my G5 and the feel of it is unreal. No more pushing a key down about a 1/4 of an inch and sometimes having a sticky feeling to them. I can't say enough about this keyboard and I have only had it hooked up for 5 minutes

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    I love this thing I don't have a mac but wish I did but I got it for my PC anyway. Only the eject and volume controls don't work but oh well, oh and the USB ports won't power a flash drive either.

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    Come a long way

    we've come a long way from the old typewriter keys. This thing is sweet. I wonder how many of us will have used our iphone rebates to get this thing. Already seen other posts to that effect. Anyway it's really a lovely and feels wonderful to type with. this review would've been a lot shorter but it's so nice to type on. Still working out how to map the F keys the way i like, but luckily they have lot of options. Took me a sec to find the fn key which is in the home end page up page down cluster.

    people like to thank steve but i say thanks to the apple engineers
    now that you've finished this keyboard you can go home and make love to your husbands and wives - ha - iphone 2.0 is more like it.

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    new apple key board

    wow i love this keyboard but it works best with the new imac. if you have the new imac you can charge your ipod with it! in the prevoius keyboards you couldnt charge your ipod with the usb ports

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    Awesome keyboard!

    Sometimes Apple tries to reinvent things and just mucks them up (ahem, Mighty Mouse). This new keyboard is so slick, so futuristic - I can't say enough good things about it. It makes typing so much faster and there is hardly any noise associated with it. I also like the recessed USB ports. It has a nice solid feel and is heavy enough to sit on the desk and not slide around. There are also little rubber (or silicon) feet that help in this regard as well. Again, kudos for Apple for adding their design prowess to something as mundane as the keyboard.

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    Amazing improvement!!

    Love the keyboard. Got it with my iPhone rebate and haven't had a better keyboard in my life. It is effortless to type anything from a quick message to a longer passage. Plus, the old keyboards did get a bit more dirty, and were trickier to clean. And much more of a hassle. Now, I don't know how I lived with that thing when I have the new one now!

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    Bought it... Love it!

    I bought this keyboard to replace the one that came on my iMac. This is the best keyboard I've ever used and I have used many. I would love to purchase one to put on my computer at work!

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    A Pleasant and Very Thin Surprise

    I couldn't believe how thin this keyboard was! Works wonderfully-- allows my fingertips to just glide along with no problem.

    Switching from the classic keyboard to this has been interesting, since the keys are flat and softly textured. There are no grooves, so that takes about 30 seconds to get used to.

    The bottom and USB port housing is white plastic, and a USB extender is included! Remember to run Software Update after you plug it in!

    Coolest and easiest keyboard to date.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Looks Great, just a few things to keep in mind, however

    The look is absolutely sexy, to say the least. I love it. The only problem I really have is that the USB ports on the sides of the keyboard are LOW-POWER USB ports, so don't try to connect your iPod or something that requires a lot of power (something that may charge through the USB in addition to connecting to the computer via USB, because it just won't work. You still need to use your external usb hub or usb port on your computer. Also, I am still trying to figure out how to use the buttons on the function keys to control, pause/play, play next track. I tried holding down the function key and pressing it, as well a bunch of other combinations, but I haven't figured it out. I'm sure it's not too complicated, but I thought it would have been easy enough not to do research before using those buttons. Overall, the keyboard is astonishing, and much better than the wireless, in my opinion, because of the # pad and arrow keys on the right which are missing from the wireless.
    Thanks Apple for another good job!

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    EaSy tO KeEp cLeAn

    I invested in this keyboard for my classic white iMAC. It looks nicer on the older ones than it does for the newer. Not to mention its easier to keep clean...the former keyboards got nasty quick. As far as funtionality goes... sadly i can't make a creditable comment. I must admit i bought for aesthetics...but it is ergonomically smoother.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Like thinking instead of pounding.

    At last, actual touch typing instead of the mechanical, half-inch-stroke Whack-A-Key that has been such a burthen when away from our laptops.

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