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    Great keyboard!

    I've had this keyboard awhile now, but I've only recently started using it full time on my desktop.. but, I LOVE it. I've gone through many mac keyboards in the last few years, but this one is perfect so far! It is a lot like the macbook pro keyboard - low profile, quiet keys.. and small form factor overall.. but its a million times better than cheaper competitors keyboards (eg: the kensington) Amazingly I find myself having less typos than I did with my old keyboard and the "getting used to it" stage took far less time than I anticipated.

    I totally recommend this keyboard! Even for a wired keyboard, it gets the job done. Wireless wasn't a big option for me, since it is hooked up to a desktop.. and my toddler likes to try and steal the keyboard and mouse and run away.. at least this way he can't get off with it.

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    Works well...

    Is the same technology used in the MacBooks laptops and works well. The Keyboard that came with my iMac 17in worked fine, but the keys began to stick and I found no solution to that; cleaning etc didn't help. This is the first time I've replaced a keyboard because I wore one out... and I'm pleased with this one. I would buy it again.

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    Awesome Keyboard!

    After seeing this keyboard in the store and how thin it actually was, I knew that it was time to upgrade to this one. The keyboard is much more comfortable to type on and it is very quiet, much quieter than the previous version. The various functions are in different places , but it can be changed to behave like the previous version . Great job Apple!

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    Great Working Product!!!

    I bought this product a couple days ago because I am using my macbook for a desktop. (My macbook screen is broken). I hooked it up to my computer and it worked great! I see all of these reviews about people who do not like the seperated keys because they are not use to them. I will tell you right now, if you have a Macbook these are the same keys and it will work great. I love the 2 USB ports on the side so I can hook my other electronics up to it!

    All and all this is a great product!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best. Keyboard. Ever.

    The review title says it all. I have been using Apple keyboards for well over ten years & this is the first one I like more than my beloved ADB Extended II Keyboard, with its high quality, individual key-switches.

    It has taken less than a day to get used to the feel of the new one, the hardest part being its extremely low profile means I don't have to arch my wrists or use a wrist rest to type on it.

    Buy one, relax, & enjoy!

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    A Great Keyboard from Apple.

    This is my first keyboard from apple and I think it is the greatest! I am also getting my first mac (the mac mini) in a week and I am going to write a review on that. This keyboard is thin and makes barley any noise while typing it took me only a few minutes to get used to it's thin design and the new keys but after that I was typing faster than I was on my terrible $15 PC keyboard. I'm looking forward to leaving my glitchy PC behind. Good bye terrible keyboards we won't need you anymore.

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    I Love This Keyboard!

    Excellent product, the low profile keys provide a great feel and quick response. It makes typing breeze. Besides it looks awesome too!

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    amazing! much better than the last one

    Great product. I wish that the wireless version would come with the number pad, because that is one feature I like on the old white Apple keyboard. I would also like support for high power USB 2.0 devices on the previous models of Macs. Otherwise fantastic.

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    Does Work For PC

    First of all i wanna say that this keyboard is great. The 2 usb ports the caps lock not turning on if you tap it. All great features. The question that i had was does it work for PC? It does, you dont have to download anything and my computer picked the hardware up instantly. I have an hp pavilion zt3000 running windows XP. It works fine, the only thing that wont work are some of the fuction keys, but thats just the word on the street, havent tried them out. Overall a great keyboard, Buy it

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    Work well on Mac and PC

    After years of really hating Apple's previous keyboards, the last all-white ones being truly terrible, the new feel came along to the Mac Book and now these keyboards. The spacing is fantastic and the feel is amazing to type with. I just wish Apple would be a little bit more expansive with their documentation. It took me a while to discover that I could turn off the pre-set function keys (Sound up/down/mute, brightness etc) in the bootcamp system panel in Windows, giving me the full range of 15 function keys to play with.

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    Best keyboard ever!

    This is definitely the best keyboard of all time. It has a gorgeous design like the MacBook one and it feels good when you're typing. The two USB ports are good for the Mighty Mouse and something else you'd like to plug in. A must buy!

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    Great keyboard

    This is a bigger version of the MacBook keyboard. Typing on it feels the same as on the MacBook. It takes a bit of getting used to because it feels different from traditional keyboards, but once you do it's much faster to type on because the keys don't have to be pushed as far in as with most other keyboards. (I am a pretty quick touch typer, 90 wpm or so.) Despite this, the tactile feel is very good. And, it's smaller than the usual keyboard while maintaining proper key size so you have more space left on your desk. I don't expect to go back to a standard keyboard.

    Apple has made some bad choices with input devices in the past (remember the hockey puck iMac mouse? Or the previous Apple keyboard, with raised sides so it was essentially a collecting tray for dirt?) but this is an excellent device.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    It's the perfect wired keyboard. And even more so with the Aluminum iMac.

    Pros -
    -No separate power cord for USB hub like with some keyboards
    -2 USB ports
    -Amazing feel to the keyboard (while not as good as the Extended II from back in the Beige days, it's a big step up from the old Pro keyboard that dates back to the Blue and White G3 and iMac G3)
    -One USB port can power a 500 ma USB device when connected to the aluminum iMac
    -Media keys

    Cons -
    -If you don't have an Aluminum iMac, it won't let you charge your iPod or other USB device

    First things first - don't assume that unpowered USB hubs will let you charge or run your devices. That's just not how it works, kids.

    With that out of the way, I just have to say this may be the best keyboard that Apple has made since the Extended II keyboard back in the Beige days. Myself and every student I shared classes with in high school preferred that model because it's keys didn't have a mushy oatmeal feeling. Fast forward 10 years, and Apple has finally built a suitable successor to the Extended II, with good response and feel. While still not as almost perfect, it's about as close as you're going to get.

    However, if Apple did decide to make an Extended III with the clicky keys and everything else that made that keyboard so good, I would buy 2. Especially if there were to be a bluetooth version produced.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I LOVE THIS Keyboard!!! It works With the Old Imac G3 I got it for. It's running OSX 10.3.9 I have not seen a problem with it it works Fine. Dont Read the people saying IT does not wokr there Full of Nothing

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Keyboard - I highly recommend it.

    I've been surprised to see a number of 1 star reviews for this product. Personally, I love this keyboard. It looks good, but much more than this I've found it to be the most comfortable keyboard I've ever used, due to it's low profile causing less wrist strain. There is less travel on the keys than on other desktop keyboards, but you quickly adapt to this. I have not had any issues with missing keystrokes, as some others have mentioned.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    great new keyboard

    My new keyboard makes my computer seem like it's new again. Love it.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works with older Mac too

    It took a little while to get used to using this keyboard (with a Mac Mini) but now I'm a fan. I bought the same keyboard for my older model Imac running system 9.2, as I still need to run Classic Apps - PageMaker in particular - and it works fine with that too. A big improvement on the previous English-Japanese keyboard I was using.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I love it's design & functionality

    It's an awesome design and I most love that the mouse can be easily plugged into either side for those us who sometimes switch.

    I would love to see a keyboard cover made available. I find myself eating while working and don't want to take the chance of ruining the keyboard.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    cool keyboard

    its a great keyboard, i almost never make a typo!
    thin and lightweight, easy to carry with you.
    even works on my windows computer!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    great keyboard. works with vista!

    this keyboard is great. quiet and crisp to type on. i use it with windows vista and it works perfectly except for the keys made for apple computers such as the brightness settings and the volume controls. at first i thought i might have gotten a broken keyboard because the caps lock button didn't 'work' but what it turns out to be is that apple implemented a mistake-proof concept into the keyboard. you have to press the caps lock key for slightly longer before it is activated. so, according to apple: "The Caps Lock function has been modified to reduce accidental activation. The key must now be held down slightly longer in order to activate the Caps Lock function." not a big problem though....actually quite nice so that yOU DONT END UP WITH A SENTENCE LIKE THIS. yOU KNOW HOW ANNOYING THAT CAN BE.

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