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    Why did I look elsewhere?

    I was looking for a new keyboard for my old Mac. I went to a dozen stores and display-tested a hundred or more keyboards before finally sucking it up and getting the Apple Keyboard. Man, am I glad I did! The keys are the perfect distance from eachother with a good feel, it's easy to see in low-light conditions, and it's heavier than you'd expect from such a thin keyboard so it doesn't slide around when you use it.

    I'm miffed that the F-keys I've used for Exposé and Dashboard moved, but I'll live. Also, I got a KVM switch so I could use my PowerBook at my desk, and of course this is probably the only keyboard on Earth that won't work with it. I blame my discount KVM switch and retain my 5-star rating of this sweet keyboard. Mouse shopping was harder...

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    Great keyboard

    I just got this keyboard and really like it a lot. Everybody has their own keyboard preferences, and I happen to like flatter keyboards better - I also tend to like my powerbook's keyboard better than my old Apple desktop keyboards (this should give you an idea of what this keyboard is like it you haven't had a chance to test it). So, while it might no be for everyone (see other comments), function and form really work for me on this one.

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    this keyboard is awesome!

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    I like this keyboard.

    Its works great and came with my imac when I bought it at the store although I replaced with a wireless one I still use it for when I need the extra keys but for people who aren't obsessed with only have a power cord coming out of the computer than this is a good buy.

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    Better than a split-key

    My previous keyboard was a split-key style ergo keyboard, with leather-like wrist rest and such. Made by a very prominent software company better known for their operating system. I was initially hesitant about this, but since it came with my iMac I thought I'd give it a try. The thinness of th keyboard makes it very comfortable to use. It also has all the controls for all the media stuff with looking cluttered and bulbous. I'd recommend it. The USB ports are great, too. A wireless version _with the number pad_ would be nice..

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    At first I wasn't sure about the new keyboard because it felt entirely different than my old one.
    After a month of using it I can hardly type on my old one! This new keyboard has a super feel and the keys have wonderful sensitivity. My old keyboard required about 1/4 inch of travel to enter data. The new one has far less travel but is not too "touchy".

    I like the following-
    1- low profile
    2- key travel
    3- USB port locations are superior to the old ones being on the rear.
    4- ease of cleaning.

    You'll love it. Really, a big leap in keyboard technology IMHO.

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    I Love It!!!!

    Well I Just Picked Up This Awesome New Apple Keyboard, And It Works Fantastic. I Type Wat Faster And Its Much An Improvement. I Love That It's Thin And Great Looking, And At The Price That It Has, You Can't Beat It.

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    MacBook for your desktop

    I fell in love with this keyboard on my MacBook, and finally bought the wired desktop version for my G4 to replace an aging Apple Pro Keyboard. In short, I love it. Amazingly crisp keystrokes, the short travel (either you love it or your hate it), and the lack of practically ANY chin make this keyboard a true winner. And, you can have all your function keys work just the way you're used to having them work with a click of the mouse in System Preferences, and the more useful controls are just a Fn keystroke away. A real winner.

    Also, works great with my Belkin Flip KVM.

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    This keyboard is really good. It works like a charm. I use it with my MacBook, and the sleek design almost makes me forget I'm using anything. My only comment is that this keyboard does not work with PC's, at least the number pad. It deserves 5 stars... Yea for Apple!

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    Worth the upgrade

    I spend a lot of time having to type in awkward positions - semi-touch typing, not hunt and peck. Due to that, I had noticed my old white keyboard was developing a 'catch' if the keys were not hit absolutely square.

    As soon as I put this on my Mini I noticed an improvement. Not only does it accept off-center strokes without errors, but the keys have just enough travel to prevent mistypes while still not requiring excessive movement to produce output.

    This is the best full-sized keyboard I have seen in a long time - HIGHLY recommended for anyone not tied to a desk!

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    Very nice.

    A nicely built keyboard, sturdy and light. Great for those who like the feel of keyboards on laptops but dont want to deal with cramped conditions. I wish Apple had the option of a back lit keyboard, but I guess that is down the road.

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    Best Keyboard i've ever used.

    I bought this keyboard when I was in NYC at the Fifth Avenue store (one of the 2 apple stores i visited). I'm using it on my Dell laptop, becuase i hate PC keyboards. It is the best keyboard I've ever used. It's thin, light, yet durable, and the key response is great. For $50, it was a great buy!

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    i have carpal tunnel AND love this keyboard

    i use this keyboard all day every day at work and LOVE it... before I had a bulky old style keyboard and the amount of force that it required to push in the buttons was KILLING my hands. I requested a new aluminum keyboard and have been very, very happy with my decision ever since... the amount of pressure that you need to apply with your hands is so minimal, it is wonderful for my hand and wrist pain. If this keyboard is hurting your hands, you are typing incorrectly.... you need to keep your wrists straight and hands arched when you are typing.... if you don't keep your wrists straight as you type and instead let them rest on the tabletop, well that is how you end up with carpal tunnel after 18 years of being a very fast typist.
    Since I got this new keyboard pain and discomfort to my hands and wrists has decreased IMMENSELY, which is really great since I frequently forget to wear my wrist braces ;p

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    Apple Keyboard A Must Have

    One of the most valuable "features" of this amazing new design is the quietness factor - these keys barely make a sound when you press them. This really pays off if you are in a work environment where several computers are near by. That doesn't mean Apple sacrificed responsiveness - they managed to improve on that as well. The key stroke distance traveled is much less than earlier designs, so you can really type fast with this thing. Another amazing piece of design work by Apple!

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    LOVE IT!

    This is a great product. I've been wanting one of these for quite a while, and I finally had a good excuse to buy it. I love this keyboard. It feels so nice under your fingers, and I think its more comfortable than the older ones. I have always preferred laptop keys to desktop keyboards, and it is also very quiet. Another good thing about this that not many people mention is that, with the old keyboard, you would always get dust and stuff between and beneath the keys, and you could see it because of the clear edges. The keyboards could get very disgusting at times. I'm glad that I won't be needing to get the canned air out for this one.

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    Best Keyboard ever...

    I bought this today along with the Wireless Mighty Mouse. The only reason I did not buy the wireless one is because it is missing a few buttons.. but this is the best keyboard I have ever used.. My only complaint is and its not really a complaint is that the usb powers are low power but what do you expect?

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    I have been looking at this keyboard ever since it came out just wanting to go and pick it up, but I already had a keyboard so why get another one, what will I do with the old one? Well my chance came and I'm glad I switched. I have always loved the feel of a Laptop keyboard and this is as close to one that I will get for my iMac. I like the look, minimalistic and it's profile is great, the layout takes some getting used to but with a few mods of the F keys it's just like the old keyboard.

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    Great Keyboard

    Apple has the best hardware. I have two wireless keyboards that I love, but opted to try this one because I missed the numeric keypad. It is nice looking, has a great feel, and is compact. It comes with two USB port, one on either side, which are nice features. One can serve a wired mouse. I use my Dell monitor for most USB hookup so that was not a big deal for me, but with a monitor without USB, I'd use both keyboard USBs.

    I wish it were wireless. I agree with the other reviewer that the cord is too short. This might be a problem for some people--for example, I keep my Mac Pro on the floor and it won't reach. For a Mac Mini or iMac the short length is probably beneficial to avoid tangles. I received a USB extension cord with one of my other Apple purchases, so that is not an issue for me to hook up to my Mac Pro. Also, I could plug it into my monitor if I choose too.

    The only thing I would change, is I'd like an option to illuminate the keyboard. When I work at night, I sometimes find myself getting disoriented. It is not a problem when I've been typing a while and my fingers naturally find the right keys. Most often I wish for this feature when I am searching for the volume up or down buttons, or just need to find the return key.

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    I really like this keyboard. I use it on both MAC and PC. I've seen my typing speeds drastically improve in things like WoW and iChat. They keys are perfect and I don't have to move my fingers a lot to move about the keys, as well as not needing a lot of pressure to push down the keys.

    To the people who keep complaining as to they keyboard not working with people with longer fingernails. Why don't you just cut your fingernails? Seems like an ergonomically sufficient way to using this keyboard.

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    New Apple Keyboard

    I love this keyboard! I can never hear my self type any more! This Keyboard ROCKS!! Say Good-Bye to all those loud keyboards! I Bought one for my Windows computer because I liked it so much!

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